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Volume 43 Number 29

Metal militia

Metallica' Guitar Hero -- rendered right down to the mole on Kirk Hammett's face

Fit to print?

The Story's black-and-white news unfolds in the audience's reactions

Wendy Williams

April 15, 2009


Janice Garrett and Charles Moulton's latest collaboration

Locals only

Happy gang-bang Muzak? Still Flyin' and Papercuts keep close to home. Plus: Crookers, Zodiac Death Valley, and more

Her direction

Grouper's Liz Harris journeys alone past a world of drone

Fiends, eyepatches, and femmes fatales

Cinemapocalypse unleashes a Texas cinema massacre

Parts is parts

andrea@altsexcolumn.com Parts is parts Dear Readers: These are perennial body parts questions, and I feel I would be somewhat remiss if I didn't re-answer them every few...

Green living resource guide

The Green Issue: Latest local options for helping, not hurting

Shades of green

The Green Issue: Will SF really use its federal 'green jobs' money to lift up working class communities?

Energy deficiency

Green Issue: Utilities miss energy efficiency goals but seek more public funds anyway

Carolina blues

Goodbye Solo, hello filmmaking triumph. Director Ramin Bahrani outdoes himself


Buraka Som Sistema work the Angola via Portugal -- and around the world

Grand Pu Bah

Honey, I torched the chicken: Thai street food gets gussied up with California touches

Astral peaks

More is more is more in the elemental metal of Mastodon -- plus some surprising Bay Area connections

Volume 43 Number 29 Flip-through Edition

April 15, 2009
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“Julie Blackmon: Domestic Vacations”

The boring and the uninteresting are different concepts

Liz Lerman Dance Exchange: “Small Dances About Big Ideas”

The primary function of dance is to heal and create communities

In a Dream

Zagar's feature has a subject that's not just close to home, it's in his home

Late of the Pier

Catchy, weird, and jumping askew at Popscene

Dan Deacon

Playing with a 15-piece ensemble, it's hard to predict how the intimacy and audience participation aspects of his performance will be affected