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Volume 43 Number 27

Onward and upward

CAREERS AND ED: Career advice in a scary climat

Taking the heat

CAREERS AND ED: Chef Barham isn't easy on his students — but then, it's a harsh world out there

Working the curves

CAREERS AND ED: Pole-dancing classes graduate from the stripper cliche

Deathly youth

A trip into the mortal coil of the Antlers' Hospice

Stormy weather

Sean McFarland blends photography and collage to picture us

Go into the light

Avant garde filmmaker and musician Tony Conrad's flickering cinema comes to SFAI

Visceral reality

Art and horror converge in Brit director Steve McQueen's uncompromising Hunger


Eats on Clement Street

City Grill

The Noe Valley spot's nouvelle American menu nods to the traditional while offering excellent modern dishes

Out with the old

Little House demolition stirs fresh controversy between developers and preservationists


All the news that's fit to implant in your Auto-Tune. Plus: Bruce Springsteen, Lily Allen, Ahmad Jamal, and more

Sam I am?

Charlie Varon examines Jewish identity in the 21st century in Rabbi Sam

Undead again

Cooperation's the name of the game in Resident Evil 5

Green-collar heat

Low-income community groups hope to turn Obama's stimulus package into an opportunity to make local government accountable for creating decent green-collar jobs.


DJ Daddy Huf 'n Pufz is in the nightlife hizz-ouse!!! With Snoop Dogg, Christian Audigier, Samantha Ronson, and Timmy "Turbo Iroq" Nguyen

April fool, sucka


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The BART Board is clueless

Closed meetings suggest that the BART Board has no understanding of the public anger and impatience with its 17-year record of failing to keep its police force in line

The JROTC horror show

The Board of Education has to look beyond the TV sound bites that grossly distort the facts

Made in U.S.A.

The fullest demonstration of Godard's aim to create a cinema that could take part in the jagged incongruities of modern life

John Jasperse Company

Created in 2007 with a zero budget for design, Misuse had an inkling for the rough waters the country was about to enter.

Kayhan Kalhor

Presenter SFJazz has dubbed the genre "world chill" and I would urge you to ignore it.