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Volume 43 Number 12

Lethal force

The BART Police Department operates without oversight or accountability - but with plenty of attack dogs and 12-gauge shotguns

Gun crazy

BART cop shoots naked man - why?

Loose canon

The Year in Music 2008: A new set of touchstones for rocky times

Ask a musician

The Year in Music 2008: How to cope with musical canon formation in an anti-matter era

Purple canon

The Year in Music 2008: Bay hip-hop received an infusion of new blood and fresh inspiration

Tops in 2008

The Year in Music 2008: Writers and musicians give up their faves and beyond from 2k8


The Year in Music 2008: There's just no stopping the march of the SF nightlife Smurfs

Hater aid

The Year in Music 2008: I Hate New Music, but does new music suck?

Barf manifesto

The Year in Music 2008: Pop ate and re-ate itself, then regressed and regurgitated

Hungry for Lee Hazlewood

The Year in Music 2008: You didn't have to dig deep to find the canonical figure this year

You heard it here first

The Year in Music 2008: New York steals San Francisco's thunder -- but who cares?

Daughters of the drone

The Year in Music 2008: Celebrating a different kind of singer-songwriter

Moving forward

The Year in Music 2008: Smaller meant better in 2008, in a myriad little ways

A better tomorrow

The Year in Music 2008: Hip-hop pins its hopes on the future, despite the buzz

Hail to the king, baby

Bruce Campbell as Bruce Campbell in My Name is Bruce? Groovy!

Amber India

Gratifyingly spicy and carefully prepared dishes keep SoMa diners coming back for more

Darkest day

Taqueria Los Comales in Oakland

Nothing doing

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: I've been married to my husband for close to 10 years. I admit, I didn't marry him because we were head over...

Budget funeral

San Francisco's social safety net takes brunt of mid-year cutbacks

An open letter to the archbishop

"Let the term fester in your ear until you are delivered from your bigotry"

Conservatism’s last stand?

As Tom Ammiano moved from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to the California Assembly at the start of the month, he went from...

Changing climate

Green City: Greenpeace looks ahead to change after "profound disappointment"

It’s never too late

Last-minute shopping ideas for the time-management impaired

Editor’s Notes

Wouldn't an across-the-board wage freeze be better than layoffs?