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Volume 43 Number 10

Waxing fried

Bombay Indian Restaurant

Dark knight

Dexter, darling, you're killing us softly with slaughter

Rolling out the carpet

Mary Zimmerman takes another Bay Area bow with The Arabian Nights

Streetlight serenade

Another lovely record store -- arg! -- closes its doors. Plus: No Age, Railcars, and a mess of musical holiday shindigs

Heaven-sent hip-hop?

Blu clears his head while riding the buzz and rising to the heights of fame

Torch songs

Sébastien Tellier's sweetly withholding jams

Boys to men

Bay Area hip-hop legends E-40 and San Quinn return, older and wiser, but still goin' dumb

‘Barf Manifesto’

So great you'll wanna puke

In the American tree

Camp out with Bernadette Mayer's Poetry State Forest

For a new cinema

A look back at the forward-thinking films of Alain Robbe-Grillet

Good Pizza

A culinary and literal beacon for the Tim Burton-like corner of Seventh and Mission streets

Beauty, reappraised

Two looks at the serious pleasures of "Yves Saint Laurent: 40 Years of Fashion"

Sensational trans-bashing at SF Weekly

In San Francisco, can't we expect and demand better?

Transforming traffic analysis

Green City: San Francisco will be the first city in California to create a mitigation fee, so other cities are taking notes

Stop PG&E’s corporate welfare

The best way to boost the business climate in this recession era is to promote consumer spending

Editor’s Notes

What Tom Ammiano did for the city

Decongest me

Congestion pricing could raise millions for the city and reduce traffic

Cue the clowns

San Francisco's burgeoning indie circus scene revives and updates an old-time antidote for trying times

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The odd couple

Different dancers create solo and group works in Shared Space 2

Little Joy

Ramshackle crew, dulcet pop tunes

Bad boys reformed … and together

Oasis and Ryan Adams and the Cardinal

The oldest story in the book

Eden is a captivating version of the familiar marriage-in-trouble plot

“Lutz Bacher: ODO”

Oddly engaging and opaque