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Volume 42 Number 41

Taste the Mochi

Mochipet -- the ever-fruitful laptop lothario. Plus: Diamond Days Fest, Ratatat, Kode 9, Apache, and more

“Top of the Structure Is Not Empty”

Dozens of edgy choreographers ascend

Port O’Brien

Wishing their hearts had ears, bouncing on the balls of their feet

King Khan and the Shrines

"I love America, and am so happy to bring my soul band back to where soul was born"


Everything you want in a movie, rendered luridly bright

Timothy Horn: Bitter Suite

Sparkling with sugar crystals and enormous glass-blown forms

Sound in the balance

Kush Arora's aggressive audio hybrids

Sneaky Creek

Mission Creek 2008: A few musical festival boats to float

I’m here with lonesome

Mission Creek 2008: Copping the White Buffalo stance

Cream-colored slumbers

Mission Creek 2008: Foxtails Brigade float beyond experimental folk

Feeding the fire of Mountainhood

Mission Creek 2008: Delicate rusticity straight outta Almaden

Sketches of Spain

Mission Creek 2008: Peter Walker communes with a new muse

Noise to go

Mission Creek 2008: Nancy Garcia unleashes her sense of play

Dye, dye, darlings

Mission Creek 2008: The smile-inducing shades of Bleachy Bleachy Bleach

Resurrection blues

Mission Creek 2008: Lazarus passes around Hawk Medicine

Get the Drift

Mission Creek 2008: Sonic Memory Drawings and outward instrumental rock creeps

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Can’t knock the Tussle

Mission Creek 2008: The instrumentalists turn mad liberation into Cream Cuts

Speed Reading

Baldwin's Harlem: A Biography Of James Baldwin

Beyong the nerd herd

Ta-Nehisi Coates charts a Beautiful Struggle

Laid, paid, played

Jonathan Levine's The Wackness captures 1994's halcyon hustle

Orphan storm

The SF Silent Film Fest takes on the motherless and fatherless child


Cable Car Pizza

All or nothing

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Andrea: When my husband and I first married, he was into S-M. I was very inexperienced, while he ... well ... wasn't. Things...