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Volume 42 Number 38

Volume 42 Number 38 Flip-through Edition

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Burned: Lisa Fernandes

Top Chef jabbed

Blood in, blood out

Can incest and vengeance right an upside-down world?

Bag drag

Dynasty Handbag, George Michael, and more

Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Choreo-poems give the quadruple threat's perspective on the history of hip-hop

The Explorers Club

Charleston septet channel the Beach Boys' "teenage symphonies to God"


Dubstep crossover king

Hurting herders

Tuya's Marriage comments on capitalism

“Punball: Only One Earth”

William T. Wiley's anti-genre-fication catalog reaches a grinning pinnacle

The funk this time

Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 bring Fela Kuti's fiery sounds to a new generation

Earth, here and now

The Seattle group grounds itself in twang and drone

Tell it like it is

Samuel R. Delany, science fiction writer and tea-room queer

What’s a “Mater”?

10 out of 100 bloody good reasons to see Dario Argento's Mother of Tears

Have another Soju

Hong Sang-soo loosens up with Woman on the Beach

Sour sixteen

Tom Kalin's Savage Grace is shallow and graceless

Frameline 32: The Horror, the horror

Blood on the screen at this year's fest, with Cthulhu, Socket, and even more gore

Frameline 32: Sex changes

Two views of Be Like Others

Frameline 32: Anti-pity party

A Horse is not a Metaphor is not a disease film

Frameline 32:That’s us

Wild Combination touches the spirit of Arthur Russell

Olema Inn

The custom of the country

Sweet and spicy

Khana Khazana

No free lunch

› andrea@altsexcolumn.com Dear Readers: Have you ever read Geek Love (Random House, 1983) by Katherine Dunn? It's a love it/hate it kind of thing that was...

Three Internet myths that won’t die

Free, accessible, and dangerous? Hardly.

Another shelter down

Women are casualties as St. Anthony shuts Marian Residence