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Volume 42 Number 11

December 12 – December 18, 2007

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Cindy vs. Pelosi

Guardian exclusive interview: Cindy Sheehan takes on Nancy Pelosi for Congressional seat

The Year in Music

We're obsessed! Our takes on the sonics, phonics, and electronics of 2007. Plus Top 10s, more or less ...

Year in Music: Rather ripped

Chasing the phantom of perfect sound

Year in Music: iFunk?

Obsessions aren't always bad

Year in Music: Bling

Frenzied xylophones in 2007

Year in Music: Move me

Can a new cityscape change a life obsessed with music?

Year in Music: Throwback or keeper?

Nostalgia called in 2007

Year in Music: Bliss you

Post-rock icons Seefeel made one of the most obsession-worthy albums of the '90s -- and 2007

Year in Music: Keep on truckin’

Beats that drive motorists crazy

Year in Music: Nonplussed and pissed

High-impact concertgoing in 2007

Year in Music: Grievous angel

Possessions, obsessions made visible

Year in Music: Sub obsession

Dubstep from the edge

Year in Music: Long walk home

Reconnecting with the Boss

Year in Music: Too many Top 10s

Fave-rave lists from Mochipet, Ben Chasny, Bart Davenport, Richie Unterberger, and more

Year in Music: Tinny bubbles

Viva el lo-fi revolution

Year in Music: Time out?

The good, the Bay, and the hyphy

Year in Music: Hot tomboy love

Keyshia Cole fills in pop's blanks

Year in Music: Lady day and night

Rehab the good girl–bad girl paradigm

Labor of Glover

Crispin is fine! Everything is fine.

Will trade thought for food

"What You Will" -- and won't -- in TheatreWorks' Twelfth Night

The confit files

Ah, the juicy bird

Heaven knows

Is Carlos Reygadas's Silent Light a holy light?

Birth of a sensation

Ellen Page and Juno

Le P’tit Laurent

The little prince