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Volume 42 Number 01

October 3 – October 9, 2007

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MUD money

A public power agency can cut rates by 20 percent - and still operate with a budget surplus.

Obama audio

Click below to listen to Obama's full speech of about 30 minutes: Part 2:

Obama’s new Iraq position

Barack Obama strongly and eloquently opposed the Iraq war from the beginning, but his careful positions on what to do about it now have...

Obama’s moment

Presidential candidate finds his voice in San Francisco — but can he still turn the race around?

An Appeal to Barack Obama

"The Democrats have been stuck in the arguments of Vietnam, which means that either you're a Scoop Jackson Democrat or you're a Tom Hayden...

Sputnik, 50 Years Later

The Launch of Techno-Power

Election security that works

California should become its own vendor


Colleen and Jose Gonzalez pull strings and sound out reverberations


Assassinated Oakland journalist Chauncey Bailey wins posthumous award

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass: Fresh air

Life after Smog with Bill Callahan

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass: John Prine

The great and the really great

Smokin’ grass

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival: Our guide to this weekend's best free pluckin' in the sun

Beauty and the beasts

Shock it to me!

Take it sleazy

Supertrash Peepshow

Gay times

Celebrating the Rhino's three transformative decades of transgression

Now there’s a Cure

Conversing with the agile Robert Smith, plus Datarock, Girlstock, Yellow Swans, Aliens, and more

Cecilia’s story

Mandarin drama

Atmosphere and an actress

A gliding guide: the double visions and global nightmares of Olivier Assayas

You rescued my “Battleship”!

Eisenstein's step-laden Potemkin gets new life at the Mill Valley Film Festival

Last Tango in Shanghai

There's sex in your violence, Lust, Caution posits