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Volume 41 Number 10

December 6 – December 12, 2006

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Get Crafty!

Save your season with holiday handicrafts

Guardian Guide: Comfort food and joy

Warm and hearty fare to keep you cozy through the season

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Enough of Bush's war: Pelosi needs to let impeachment proceed. A Guardian editorial


Dec. 12 Film/DVD Vice Guide to Travel For 10 years now, Vice, the bible of subversive popular culture, has been instructing willing hipsters to live dangerously...


Music Spank Rock Spank Rock's Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo (Big Dada) is a hot rock because of xxxchange’s deep minimalist production. I’ll also give...


Dec. 10 Music Akron/Family The members of Brooklyn's free-form folk mavericks Akron/Family are all credited in their liner notes as players of bric-a-brac; given the intriguing...


DEC. 9 Music La Plebe Melding brass with brash, the Tijuana-toned ska-core sound I danced to in Chiapas is alive and skanking in San Francisco, thanks to...


DEC. 8 Dance Paco Gomes and Dancers: Many Little Pieces Paco Gomes grew up in Bahia, where he studied and then taught folkloric and religious dance;...


dec. 7 Visual art “111@111” Bay Area, yow — that’s one logical response to “111@111,” a many-fanged and many-fangled art attack that promises to cram 111 Minna...


Dec. 6 Music Lost Weekend Considering the recently rekindled interest in pre–rock ’n’ roll sounds, isn't it about time for a Western swing revival as well?...

Give, give, give

But what? Check out our suggestions for holiday reciprocity

Heeding the call

Call of Duty 3

Deep water, hard rock

Gilbraltar, 12 Days of Cochina

Junk bonds

Sweet — doesn't the sight of Gwen Stefani shaking her logo in your face on that singing-nun mess of a video for "Wind It...

Starch Control

› paulr@sfbg.com While we wait to be instructed on the lessons of Iraq by James A. Baker III — the Bush family consigliere assigned the...

All that heaven and earth allow

Gods, stars, and burnt offerings mark Anselm Kiefer's dark worlds

This is not progress

TECHSPLOITATION I can't stop thinking about the Antikythera Mechanism, a 2,000-year-old computerlike device made by some Greeks who wanted to predict the motion of...

Crash and burn

Anselm Kiefer's mighty works are far too heavy to dance


Got a question for Andrea? Click here to ask! Dear Andrea: I've heard two men recently refer to "Mitusa" as a fabulous oral technique to use...

A sex offender’s story

OPINION I am a registered sex offender. I have lived in San Francisco since 1997. I moved here from the state of Minnesota. I...

The Architect

Well-built, but hollow


Weird Fish

The salt point

The Salt House

Yule be sorry!

Snoozing through The Holiday