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How OccupySF thwarted a police raid

October 27, 2011
More than 1,000 people amassed at the OccupySF camp last night based on word that police would be raiding the camp. At 4:30 am,...

Dailies dutifully vomit out the city’s misleading portrait of OccupySF

October 26, 2011
Both the Examiner and the Chronicle reported this morning that the OccupySF encampment has become a public health hazard, setting the stage for what...

Mixed messages

OccupySF erects a growing tent city — over the mayor's opposition

SFPD allows OccupySF to grow into a tent city

October 21, 2011
Photos by Steven T. Jones, who also contributed to this report.It seems the San Francisco Police Department is laying off the OccupySF encampment, at...

Relax and open up (your mind) for International Fisting Day — NSFW

October 18, 2011
When queer porn stars Courtney Trouble and Jiz Lee noticed that fisting scenes were being consistently edited out of conventional pornography, they knew something...

SFPD raids OccupySF again, using more force this time (PHOTOS AND VIDEO)

October 17, 2011
2:10 pm UPDATE: OccupySF plans to march on City Hall today (Mon/17) starting at 5 pm at Justin Herman Plaza. Police raided the OccupySF...

Get on the bus: St. James Infirmary’s new sex worker PSAs are

October 13, 2011
St. James Infirmary has been providing free, non-judgmental medical and social services for sex workers since 1999. This week, it’ll take the next step....

OccupySF protesters shut down Wells Fargo HQ

October 12, 2011
At 7 a.m. this morning (Wed/12), protesters against corporate greed were poised for one of the most impactful actions since OccupySF began.About 50 people...

Inside the occupation

With its general assemblies, People's Mic, and chants of 'We are the 99 percent,' OccupySF gains momentum despite a police crackdown