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Trying to have hope

OPINION I get it, as Harvey Milk famously said: "You gotta give them hope." But how do you do that when the LGBT community...

Jazzie Collins: forever fighting the good fight

Dedicated trans rights and economic equality activist Jazzie Collins passed away this week. She was honored in June in the State Assembly for LGBT...

A call to arms

OPINION No one can deny that the San Francisco of the new dot-com boom is a scary place to live. Rents are astronomical: $2,353...

No golden years for LGBT seniors

According to studies, queer seniors are poorer than their straight counterparts. They’re half as likely to have health insurance, and two-thirds as likely to...

TIC legislation is a rent control issue

We're in the most expensive city in the country, and we can't afford another 2,000 condo conversions

Much ado about nudity

There was no public outcry when Pedro Villamore, a 44-year-old homeless gay man, was found dead in a doorway in the 500 block of...

LGBT Pride: the good, the bad and the ugly

QUEER ISSUE: Pride is lame -- here's a queer antidote

SF needs healthy housing

It's time to get beyond Band-Aids

No equality without economic equality

The unified San Francisco queer movement is history

For Milk’s birthday, sit on a sidewalk!

The perception of the Haight is scaring away tourists and causing businesses to lose money

The price of normal

THE QUEER ISSUE: Who, exactly, does gay marriage benefit?

JROTC is not a choice

It seems the military will do whatever it takes to get in front of our youngsters in our public schools

Where’s the beef on LGBT issues?

After same-sex marriage, Gavin's buns are empty

The case against the JROTC

OPINION Make no bones about it: the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a program of the US Department of Defense. Its purpose...