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Soda tax is social justice issue

Eric.L.Mar@sfgov.org, John.Avalos@sfgov.org, tom@tomammiano.comOPINIONWe are fighting for a soda tax because public health leaders have sounded the alarm that sugary drinks are a serious threat to...

Milk’s real legacy

Forty years later, people are still telling Harvey he's too "divisive."

No Oscar for the guv’s budget

Liked Les Miz? There's another good cry to be had looking at Jerry Brown's numbers

End the health-care scam

Businesses charge a health-care surcharge then keep the money for profit.

End the healthcare scam

OPINION Last year, after receiving data from San Francisco, the Wall Street Journal reported on an investigation into the use of health reimbursement accounts...

Stop downtown’s attack on RCV


Voters in the runoffs were overwhelmingly whiter, older and more conservative than the city as a whole


Let’s get budget priorities straight

It's time for our representatives in Washington to put an end to this disastrous war

Prop. B is bad medicine

You wouldn't know Prop. B has anything to do with children's health care — because proponents don't want you to know the true costs

Save the Rainy Day Fund

It is important to understand that the city's fiscal woes are a combination of cyclical and structural problems

The truth about shelters

San Francisco needs to become the leader in inventive, forward-thinking homeless policy

The case against the JROTC

OPINION Make no bones about it: the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a program of the US Department of Defense. Its purpose...