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Free art school

Steal this art education with the Pickpocket Almanack

Streets of San Francisco: City talk

On Friday, May 7 at 12 p.m., I stood at the intersection of Van Ness and Market with a pen, notepad, and die in...

Color forms

Three artists use copyedit, counterfeit, and tech to tease art out of context

Three things I learned at SxSW

SX isn't SW, interactive isn't interactive, and FREE! isn't free

Japanese avant-garde, Tropicalismo, and North Korean ideology — onscreen at SxSW

March 25, 2010
Just as Downtown 81 is worth watching for its live DNA footage, the Japanese avant-garde music documentary We don't care about music anyway... is...

SXSW: See me! Hear me!

March 18, 2010
The days tend to blur here at SXSW. The festival's sponsors and participants are pouring information and alcohol in you everywhere you go. You...

This kiss’ progress

A journey through Tino Sehgal's staged situations — and a talk with the artist

Dolce utopia

Work vs. entropy as hustlers, philosophers, and experimenters get down in sweet new (art) spaces

Art, work, and artwork

Artist-run groups move beyond doodling for dollars in a screwed-up economy

Attention cultural mutants

Past, present, and future through the transcendent audio and video dregs of Jacob Ciocci

Encapsuutf8g pulses

Jacqueline Gordon inverts the look and sound of utopia