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Year in Film: Jesse Hawthorne Ficks’ Eclectic 2013 Countdown

16. Oldboy (Spike Lee, US) and Drug War (Johnnie To, China/Hong Kong) Two films from two of the hardest-working filmmakers in the biz. Though...

Eternal spring

Chris Marker's 'Le Joli Mai' remains relevant 50 years later

They see me rollin’

YEAR IN FILM 2012: The "limo operas" of 2012: 'Cosmopolis' and 'Holy Motors'

Bucky lives! More from SFIFF 2012

Read Sam Stander's earlier San Francisco International Film Festival report here.Sam Green’s The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller, which he performed twice on...

On the scene: SFIFF, week one!

April 23, 2012
Guardian film critic Sam Stander was among the crowds this past weekend as the 55th San Francisco International Film Festival kicked off its programming....

A hundred visions and revisions

SFIFF: Sam Green explores the geodesic world of R. Buckminster Fuller in new documentary

Ink equality

A new anthology of female comic book artists doubles as a networking tool

The necessity of images

Jafar Panahi tests the limits of his filmmaking ban with This Is Not a Film

Image Comic Expo showcases new stars and the old guard

February 28, 2012
Comic cons serve a variety of functions. They can be press junkets, costume parties, swap meets, social retreats, even museums. Comics writer Warren Ellis...

The brawn identity

YEAR IN FILM: Captain America: The First Avenger wins 2011's battle of the superhero movies

The man, the myth, the legend

Grant Morrison explores better living through comics in Supergods

Edgar Wright vs. the World

August 12, 2010
Go here to read Sam Stander's review of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in this week's Guardian. What follows is Stander's complete interview with...

Geek love

Edgar Wright brings a cult comic to the big screen

Coilhouse rules

August 3, 2010
Founded by three brilliant renaissance women with roots in L.A. and the Bay, the alt-everything institution known as Coilhouse exists both as a fantastic...

The king is dead, love live SF Theater Pub

July 22, 2010
SF Theater Pub’s one-night-only presentation of Alfred Jarry’s bawdy classic Ubu Roi this past Monday felt like nothing so much as a group of...

Against nostalgia

The spirit mediums of "Hauntology" carefully conjure the living presence of the past

Seasick cinema

July 15, 2010
An inspired idea for a film series if ever there was one — the SF Maritime National Historical Park is showing nautically themed films...

Docs! More Another Hole in the Head reviews

July 8, 2010
More bloodthirsty coverage of the San Francisco IndieFest's horror-fest offshoot, Another Hole in the Head, in this week's Guardian.Another Hole in the...


Another Hole in the Head Fest bleeds cultural eclecticism.

Fisher-priced cinema that isn’t Pixelvision at SFMOMA

July 1, 2010
This week SFMOMA inaugurates a film series called “A Portrait of the Artist, or Fisher-Inspired Films” with Dreams That Money Can Buy (1946), a...

Can do: Malcolm Mooney discovers a Tenth Planet in SF

July 1, 2010
Since recording debut album Monster Movie with seminal Krautrock band Can back in 1969, vocalist and visual artist Malcolm Mooney has mostly made his...

REELing against the tide

June 29, 2010
In a world of relative cinema-watching convenience, with Netflix and Blockbuster By Mail, the quirky neighborhood video rental store is going the way of...