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Self service

SF Fringe Festival tells it like it is with random tales from the service sector and beyond

Self service: SF Fringe Festival tells it like it is

September 10, 2013
Note: this is an extended version of an article that appears in this week's print version.Sitting in the Exit Café with a can of...

Mass. transit

Class and solidarity are a makeshift matter in David Lindsay-Abaire's Good People

Fall forward

FALL ARTS: THEATER Onstage highlights of the coming season

Sublime nonsense: extended interview with Wet the Hippo’s John Gilkey

August 20, 2013
Note: this is an extended version of an interview that appears in this week's paper. The sets are gone, and the costumes, and that giant...

Sublime nonsense

With Wet the Hippo, big-top veteran John Gilkey and associates explore the big bottom

Elaborating tradition

CounterPULSE's Performing Diaspora explores the state (and states) of ethnic dance in the Bay Area

Baring all: Red Hots Burlesque presents “Burlesque and WHY”

August 2, 2013
Red Hots Burlesque — the longest running queer burlesque show in the country, according to founder and producer Dottie Lux — moves out of...

Labors of love

Teatro Jornalero Sin Fronteras makes common cause with the Imaginists

Labors of love

July 16, 2013
Los Angeles's Teatro Jornalero Sin Fronteras makes common cause with Santa Rosa's the Imaginists(Note: what follows is an extended version of a story and...

Unfinished business

UK and SF groups partner on performance-making

Independence movement

Oakland's SALTA collective plans to be 'always looking for a space'

Independence/Movement: extended interview with Oakland’s SALTA dance collective

July 9, 2013
Note: this is an extended version of an article in this week's Guardian.The crowd outside the Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library in Oakland was hopping. Fidgeting,...

What’s hot in Siberia

'Hamlet, 'Hey, Slavs!' and other high points along the trail of a Russian theater excursion

Power plays

Theatre Rhinoceros presents the Bay Area premiere of Caryl Churchill's 'Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?'

Addressing the unspeakable

'Pageantry' highlights the reality between the lines

Tour of duty

Black Watch shows, tells about young men drawn to war

Take it all off

Brava Theater introduces banned Pakistani political satire 'Burqavaganza' to an American audience

River phoenix

Campo Santo resurrects its own in Richard Montoya's 'The River'

Class act

Thomas Bradshaw's 'The Bereaved' sends-up the breakdown of the American middle-class

Words, words, words permeate a couple of unconventional theater options this weekend

April 12, 2013
The scattered letters piled on the floor are alternately a lover, a tormentor, a terrible reminder, a set of mysterious directives, and a bed...

Good grief

Julie Marie Myatt recasts 1970s nostalgia for our own bleak times in 'The Happy Ones'

Bow down to the robo-proletariat!

March 29, 2013
 Radically refashioning a host of reactionary fashions, La Pocha Nostra Live Art Laboratory puts all borders up for grabs. The international performance art troupe...

Fallacis and fallacies

Lawrence Wright's new play falls flat at Berkeley Rep