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CPUC head Michael Peevey is stepping down

October 9, 2014
The head of the California Public Utilities Commission, Michael Peevey, has announced that he will step down once his term comes to an end...

There are even more inappropriate PG&E emails

October 8, 2014
Even more internal Pacific Gas & Electric Co. emails – this time flagged by activists focused on safety concerns at a nuclear power plant...

What’s the difference between David C. and David C.?

October 7, 2014
The Bay Guardian news staff has been meeting with a host of politicians and local movers and shakers recently, to help inform our decisionmaking...

Flowers on the Rock

@Large: Ai WeiWei on Alcatraz" highlights contemporary struggles for freedom of expression

Luxy! The dating app for the 1 percent is NOT a prank

September 30, 2014
I got a press release announcing a new app yesterday that immediately set off my “hoax” radar. Not only is Luxy not a prank,...

Sound sneak preview: Ai WeiWei Alcatraz exhibition

September 24, 2014
Here’s a taste from @Large, the exhibition by internationally renowned Chinese artist Ai WeiWei, which will open to the public on Alcatraz Sat/27. This...

Ron Conway’s attack on Campos fails to persuade actual feminists

September 22, 2014
Remember when deep-pocketed tech investor Ron Conway poured hefty cash into an independent expenditure committee to finance campaign mailers designed to smear Assembly candidate...

The intern behind an epic blunder: Docs illuminate Asiana fake pilots’ names debacle

September 18, 2014
Remember when a July 2013 KTVU-TV news broadcast went viral and caused jaws to drop because the anchorwoman read out fake, offensive pilots’ names...

Indian Joe suffers a tragic injury, keeps his sense of humor

September 17, 2014
We spotted Indian Joe, an iconic San Francisco character who’s famous for emulating the look of rock legend Alice Cooper, on the sidewalk outside...

Water with a price tag

Prop. 1 opponents line up against funding for new dams

Disrupting Disrupt

September 11, 2014
A friend and I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to hit the final TechCrunch Disrupt after-party last night. Because, sheer curiosity. So here comes one...

Legal aid funding for undocumented youth clears board committee

September 10, 2014
Brian, who is 12, came to the United States from Guatemala with his younger brother, Edwin, who is seven. They arrived in a car...

Internet Slowdown marks fight on net neutrality

September 9, 2014
Don’t be surprised if you go online tomorrow and see a “loading” symbol – aka the proverbial “spinning wheel of death” – staring...

Racing for solutions

Candidates running in District 10 debate the myriad problems facing southeast San Francisco

Kids pushed through immigration court at lightning speed while supes debate legal aid funding

September 5, 2014
San Francisco’s efforts to provide legal services for unaccompanied youth who crossed the U.S. border from Central America is heating up as a point...

Activists form human barricade to protest crude-by-rail facility

September 4, 2014
This morning , at 7am in Richmond, Calif., four environmental activists used U-locks to fasten themselves by the neck to the fence of an...

Voters still in the dark on campaign funding

September 3, 2014
A legislative attempt to shed light on major funders of political campaign ads died in Sacramento last week, and the politics surrounding its demise...

Nuclear shakeup

Leaked earthquake safety document raises fresh concerns about Diablo Canyon, which activists want shut down

Waiting for answers

Community calls for justice and transparency in police shooting of Nieto after new eyewitness contradicts SFPD version

Federal complaint filed over death of Alex Nieto as supporters vow to keep fighting

August 22, 2014
Protests have sprung up throughout the week in San Francisco, Oakland, and nationwide in response to the police shooting of 18-year-old Mike Brown in...

Department of Homeland Security issues security bulletin over peaceful protest

August 21, 2014
Apparently, the Department of Homeland Security takes the leaderless activist group Anonymous very, very seriously. But that doesn’t mean that the feds take what...

Eyewitness claims victim of officer-involved shooting did not brandish Taser

August 21, 2014
A person claiming to be an eyewitness to the fatal shooting of Alejandro Nieto has come forward to say he did not see Nieto...

Teachers prepared to strike

United Educators of San Francisco authorize preliminary strike vote as concerns about cost of living rise

Block the Boat

Protesters prevent Israeli ship from unloading during two days of picketing outside the Port of Oakland