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Bee true

The documentaries of Berlin and Beyond

Divining the entrails

New Last Gasp releases explore the unsettling art of Laurie Lipton and Elizabeth McGrath

The Performant: Epochalypse Now

December 31, 2013
Embracing the great unknown While it could be argued that every day represents a new year, with each date falling exactly one year after the...

Bully pulpit

Why it doesn't "get better" for Carrie White

The Performant: To Boldly Go

December 23, 2013
Resurrecting the Exquisite Corpse Welcome to the Starship Dental Prize. A vessel so intrepid it dares to probe the darkest, dankest folds of outer space,...


THE YEAR IN THEATER: Highlights from 2013, on and off the boards

The Performant: Sleep No More

December 17, 2013
Upon reaching the fifth floor of the California Institute of Integral Studies, a wall of makeshift web diagrams asks arriving oddience members to detail...

The Performant: Home is where the art is

December 10, 2013
Valencia Street art space struggles to retain its physical and spiritual existence Sometimes you stumble across places that just feel like home the instant you...

The Performant: Dead man’s party

November 26, 2013
Despite the supposed onset of winter, it’s another sunny day as I pedal up to the San Francisco Columbarium, a stately domed edifice perched...

The Performant: Louder, faster, more!

November 19, 2013
When a friend of a friend held his 33 1/3rd birthday party, he filled the rooms of his apartment with turntables and stacks of...

The Performant: Games people play

November 12, 2013
Ask any gamer, or specialist in pedagogy, and they'll say the same thing: games are as important to human development as any the rest...

The Performant: This is Halloween

November 5, 2013
Nothing quite says “Happy Halloween” like an evening full of splatter gore and general mayhem, and this year there were several options to choose...

The Performant: Alley up!

October 29, 2013
Clarion Alley Block Party still standing strong It’s an age-old paradox of urban living that no matter how much there is to do and...

The Performant: Cheers for fears

October 22, 2013
If you consume the news at all you'll find a lot to be afraid of that seems endemic to the modern age: swine flu,...

The Performant: There will be blood

October 16, 2013
It’s Halloween season at last, a time of year when San Francisco really shines, despite the encroaching autumnal shortening of days. In fact, during...

The Performant: Up, up and away

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman flies again. It’s been 75 years since Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster began developing their most enduring creation, Superman,...

The Performant: I’m With the Banned

Since practically every single calendar day of the year has been appropriated by some cause or another (in this month alone we celebrated Labor...

The Performant: For Those Who Have Rocked, We Salute You

September 24, 2013
Theater artists reflect on life on the road in this final dispatch from the 2013 fringe festival circuit.One of the most interesting aspects of...

The Performant: Vancouver Fringe-mania

September 18, 2013
Well, it’s been another fringe-ferrific whirlwind here at the Vancouver Fringe, but like all good things, it too has come to an end. The...

Bikes to books

Pedal through San Francisco's literary past on this fun bike tour 

The Performant: Mean Streets and Matchsticks at the Vancouver Fringe

September 10, 2013
Here in Vancouver, the Fringe Festival has been in full swing since Sept. 5, and its early bustle has come as something of a...

The Performant: Fringe 101, an essential lexicon revisited.

September 3, 2013
With the frenzy of the Edmonton Fringe Festival finally subsided, and Vancouver’s about to begin, myself and the Naked Empire Bouffons are ready for...

Choose your own adventure

FALL ARTS: STAGE Anything is possible at the SF Fringe Festival

The Performant: Fringe Dwellers

It’s hard to believe, but the 32nd annual Edmonton Fringe is already over and touring companies like Naked Empire Bouffon are packing their bags...