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Jay Reatard, 1980-2010

Even those turned off by his surly stage persona admired the garage rock hero

1, 2, 3 — do you copy?

Rank/Xerox makes nervy sounds for anxious times

Off-duty trip

The Raincoats are back in fashion with a great local band that adores them

Easy as one 23

The enigma behind the music of the riddle of Rainbow Bridge

On Land Festival

The Root Strata music label celebrates five years of work in a quietly extravagant way

Grass Widow

Molding anxiety, love, and sturdy musicianship into a mesmerizing shape

Feel-good sounds

Noise Pop 09: Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele and A.C. Newman make a plea for pop

Watch their steps

The Amazements marvel with storytelling, a skate anthem, and fearsome songs

Bunny ballin’

Garage Rock '09: Loving that loopy, lupine, leather-bound Nobunny sound

Mauled by success!

Scoping out the wild world of blogger darlings Vivian Girls

Jonas Reinhardt

GOLDIES 2008 winner: Wembley-sized dreams for the contemporary Krautrockers

Exuberance with bite

White Fang's wild genius springs from eternal enthusiasm, Portland-style

You can’t kill them

They're already the Dead C, New Zealand's unsung free-rockers

Punk’s latest clubhouse

Thrillhouse Records throws their biggest bash to date

Fishing for hooks

Abe Vigoda makes the 'tropical punk/pop' tag look good

Dye, dye, darlings

Mission Creek 2008: The smile-inducing shades of Bleachy Bleachy Bleach

Get the Drift

Mission Creek 2008: Sonic Memory Drawings and outward instrumental rock creeps


No sleep for the Berlin minimal house duo

Go for baroque

Inspired by the SF arcade, Musée Mécanique looks both backward and forward

Somewhere over the White Rainbow

Improvised, droney assemblages that pay homage to Steve Reich

Board youth

SF's Traditional Fools surf the rocky seas of garage punk