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The face of Cher

Burlesque musings


Love is a Stream and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma knows how to glide along

Pwning the classics

Jennie Ottinger throws the book at us in "Due By," at Johansson Projects, while Ed Moses serves up acrylic animalia at Brian Gross Fine Arts

America’s original sin

Jens Hoffmann finishes his trilogy of literary group shows with a strong take on a Twain classic

GOLDIES 2010: Jennifer Locke

Presenting immediate spectacles that are undeniably seductive in a punk-rock sort of way

GOLDIES 2010: Amanda Curreri

Interpolating the political and the personal, while making art that crosses out of the art world

Seeing spots

HAIRY EYEBALL: Bill Jenkins' tiny space transformation with "Lids and Dots," and Seth Koen's narwhal tribute wood sculptures

Dancing with the dark

YBCA remembers butoh pioneer Kazuo Ohno

Tick tock

HAIRY EYEBALL: Will Rogan scores with a canny show of photography at Altman-Siegel, while Hugh Brown whiffs with a bad-boy routine at Robert Koch Gallery

Of Human Bondage

Hairy Eyeball: The totemic works of Tim Whiten and the performance actions of Rudolf Schwarzkogler present different types of opaque ritual

King of the beach

Glitch pioneer Fennesz surfs from sun-dappled shallows into darker water

Totally wired

Future past: From the technology of teen life to old fashioned flair

Portraits of Jason

Hairy Eyeball: A lesser-known filmic Jason lives in black-and-white in Tim Roseborough's Portrait of Jason II: Return of the B*tch, while Sean McFarland's new show refracts California color and, at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, "Black Sabbath" spotlights black artists' relationship to Jewish music

Funny face, fecal face

FALL ARTS: Scoping out fall's poetic and apocalyptic visual art offerings

In the dumps

HAIRY EYEBALL: Intersection for the Arts' double-decade Recology survey digs up some gems

Lights out!

Not Necessarily Noir is a thrilling police lineup of double bills

The yellow wallpaper

Hairy Eyeball: A haunting we will go -- at triple Base and Swarm Gallery

The kids aren’t alright

Todd Solondz provokes (again) with Life During Wartime

According to Matthew

Hairy Eyeball: Frustrating, seductive -- Matthew Barney's epic Cremaster cycle comes to the Roxie

Group think

Hairy Eyeball: Current exhibition "They Knew What They Wanted" invades four different SF galleries

Riot awakening

Stonewall Uprising documents a landmark moment for queer civil rights

Dizzy dazzle

The enormous and impressive Fisher Collection finds a public home at SFMOMA

The people’s court

Hairy Eyeball: Static and strange solace in "Occupy the Empty" and "3+3"

The Daily Blurgh: Caged tigers I have known

June 24, 2010
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