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Playing chicken

TABLEHOPPING: Good starts at Café Terminus, stellar caffeine on Polk, and juicy chicken all up in your grill.

Triple play

TABLEHOPPING: Three new restaurant openings light up the fall. Plus: where to score green bean casserole (you know you want it) and char siu pork spring rolls.

A toast

TABLEHOPPING: A standing ovation for Tosca's renovation, beer and terrines at Taps, stuffed Japanese sandwiches at Pan Grill.

Northwest stars

A visit to Seattle's finest: a tasty tour through beloved coffee shops, bakeries to die for, hot new bars, and Pioneer Square Pantry

Wingin’ It

TABLEHOPPING Pastrami waffles, Exile on Main Street, and some darn good chicken flippers

Hot and corny

New openings for two classic SF standbys, ravioli to die for, and a bad-ass brunch-o-rama.

So crafty

BEER + WINE ISSUE: Tap rooms! Breweries! Wine bars! Keep up with all the latest openings (and what's coming soon)

Nice to meat you

Tablehopping: Three new hotspots, a tablehopper gay male singles event, and ramenburger recon

Dangling a carrot

Tu Lan returns, while pierogi appear in the Mission and Chocolate Lab sweetens up Dogpatch.

Pop the lid

TABLEHOPPING Oakland eats and ramen burgers (uh huh). And hey, it's time for an oyster partay.

Ham and cheese, please

TABLEHOPPING: Venetian seafood in the Castro, a boatful of brunch burgers, and all-you-can-eat jambalaya.

GBD: Golden brown and delicious

Tablehopping: Fresh Mission eats, three new happy hours, and where to get baked (goods, that is).

Hop to it

Tablehopping: Release the sandwiches! And salads! And whoa, an all-you-can-eat Mexican breakfast.

Get fresh

TABLEHOPPING: Take a bite out of summer with hot restaurant openings, a plethora of brand new patios, and some delicious things to look forward to  

Put a lid on it

TABLEHOPPING: New places where you can play with your food, plus PIE!

The dish on knish

TABLEHOPPING: Beer at Mikkeller Bar, wine at St. Vincent, coffee at Cafe St. Jorge -- how's that for a liquid diet plan. Plus: elegant knishes? They're real.

Peeps for keeps

TABLEHOPPING A cute little birdie has landed in the Upper Haight, the Tacolicious empire expands, and our local café scene keeps on percolating.

Hey, grill

TABLEHOPPING: Outdoor delights (and dancing) at Chambers, Sunday love at Cotogna, new Ramen Underground, Le Marais Bakery treats, more 

Moving on

Tablehopping: tracking La Movida's moves, finding the wind (and much more) in The Willows, and tipping you to tartare bliss


Crème brûlée, chicken and waffles, barbacoa, and deluxe fried rice — all in a week's work.


Hot har gow, cool katsu sammies, and some slutty, thrice-cooked, Manimal-style fries -- welcome to our new food column

Guardian Guide: Comfort food and joy

Warm and hearty fare to keep you cozy through the season

Foreign cures

The city's best international hangover helpers