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Fresh ranch

Poetry is a sport. A delicious sport.

Boy Howdy

Rollin out the red carpet in Hollywood, and eating it up at Sabina's Restaurant


Elliptical, if only by intention

Sattdown strike

It's hard to find good help these days 

Popping up

Air dodgeball -- and whiffing with KPOP

Lots going on

le.chicken.farmer@gmail.comCHEAP EATS Oh the horror!Oh the hilarity!Oh the black bean and chicken chili, spaghetti and meatballs!No, it wouldn't look good, journalismically, for me to...

Don’t take the knee

Never give up, or order the lunch special

Avast ye

Hopefully, this week your craving is for Moby Dick and sports stories


Nursing wounds -- and diving into Sugoi Sushi

Serendipity, with saba

Everything comes together at Tokyo Teriyaki

All in the call

"Things we ate included chicken and dumplings (which they call chicken pot pie), and peach pie (which they call peach dumplings)."

Roll with it

Secret bahn mi joys (and pugilistas) at Kim's Cafe

Oh, the cutlery

Sharp words -- and some fantastic kimchi fried rice at Spoon

Nailed it

Southpaw BBQ is more than a pinch-hitter

Koi hooey

The High Halushki of Hyperbole is not amused.

Finger waves

It's all about the signs at Mozzeria

Dishing the dirt

Potato, taro, and yuca -- yum!

Friends, love, leftovers

Waves of nostalgia -- and a trip to Curry Boyzz

Liver or leave ‘er

Love in a pretzel at Salumeria

Eat these words

It's all a yummy breakfast hot mess at Little Griddle


Moving back -- and digging in at Tacolicious

Batter up

Baseball, hot dogs, fried pierogi .... and Laotian treats at Ventiane Cafe

Mega Millions

Hitting the fried chicken and pulled pork jackpot at Rainbow Donuts and Smoke Berkeley

Hot catch

Ain't no crawfish like a hand-caught crawfish