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Three! Out!

Baseball in Italy? Oh yes, it happened.

Three! Out!

Grosetto, Parma, Scalera, and Hedgehog: In the Game goes to Italy

Fire fight

Police versus fire department versus pig with mustache versus Pinkie (a basketball story)

Just for kicks

It's co-ed pickup kickball season -- but watch out for "mesh monsters"

Rough, rough

Life in the semi-pros with the Nor Cal knights and the North Bay Rattlers


Last week's United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association tournament at USF packed a punch

Let it roll

The fight-free world of Dry Ice Arena

Food fight

On where to find gluten-free food at AT&T Park, and love

The other home team

Sports: Living for Lowrie, and weighing in on the A's

The fist style

is Kung Fu sports? Ask Sifu Kate.

The fist style

Speak from the gut at Oakland Kajukenbo Kwoon

The badass league

Rookies are welcome at the SF Women's Flag Football League

9 innings, 20 years

Our longtime Cheap Eats correspondent makes the switch -- here's L.E. Leone's first Guardian sports column

Sink and swim

Getting good with yourself -- and diving into My Father's Kitchen

Punting for Peru

Faraway loves, a Cajun squeezebox, and huevos rancheros at Olivia's

Up the game

Dodging death and seeking BBQ on Mission Street

Bowled over

Move over New Orleans -- Front Porch has the best shrimp and grits

Ride ’em

Real cowboys, tons of bees, and Thai House 530


Passing on the joys of life -- including Poc-Chuc

Quarterback sack

The huge plates at Celia's in San Rafael require a robust offense

Going down

Pozole meets clay pot

Street music

Sounds of silence -- and local rock


Surfing the Tartine line, digging into Downton Abbey

Seasonal drift

"Meteorillogically, I had never seen anything like it."