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Girlschool 2010

FALL ARTS: Fall is here, and women are ruling the Bay Area rock scene

Will they come?

Outside Lands takes over SF once again with acts like the Strokes and Further -- but is it possible to build a better music festival?

Redneck dawn

Recession-era rock goes back-to-the-backwoods or rises from the rusty dust

Now voyager

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma makes music happen with bands like Alps and Moholy-Nagy

Freedom for

The fire — and BBQ — burning in Woods


Video Issue: What do viral videos say about us?

Lovely fade: Elisa Randazzo teams with local musicmakers for ‘Bruises and Butterflies’

May 23, 2010
Love and loss and an unfaltering creative spirit appear to inform Elisa Randazzo’s new album, Bruises and Butterflies (Drag City). Her marriage to ex-...

What would Woods do?

May 23, 2010
The slow sweep of summer break, sunlit days that yawn out into infinity, and the pock of a single snare -- those are some...

Pump you up!

Growing tries on new sounds and stumbles to the dance floor

Taking the Waters

SFIFF: Boozy fun with Wholphin

Ring ring

This year, the sound of the city in the summer includes Sleigh Bells

Cut to the core: the sweet and the Splinters

April 11, 2010
Didja hear? There’s a mini-girl-band revolution going on. Embracing the rawest of rawk, the lowest of fi, the Splinters haven’t been lumped into the...

Twin stars

Space and silence and uncanny intuition add up to the xx

Passing and tipping the hat at Mission Street Food

April 5, 2010
Oh yeah, I’d been around the block. I’ve crawled these mean food-strewn streets we call the Mission. I’d noshed my way between the tasty...

Not minor: Man/Miracle

April 5, 2010
One of the nicer surprises this year has to be The Shape of Things (Third Culture), the debut recording by busy Oakland-by-way-of-Santa Cruz foursome...

Toothsome pie worthy of its cult following: Emilia’s Pizzeria

April 3, 2010
I think I embarrassed Emilia’s Pizzeria owner and chef Keith Freilich when I called him out as prominently featured in Sunset magazine’s recent Bay...

Getting into the Afro-psych groove: Witch

April 3, 2010
The juicy goodness of excellent psych is worth revisiting no matter how far back it was released -- hence this darting glance at Witch,...

Stupid fantastic

James Williamson's trek from Stooge to tech to Stooge again

Oh “Mother,” where art thou?

March 17, 2010
You can guarantee that a movie titled Mother is not gonna be a love fest, ever. And through the lens of The Host (2006)...


After seven rockin' years, Sonic Reducer bids adieu with a look back at some choice musical moments

Snap Sounds: Rollercoaster Project

March 12, 2010
ROLLERCOASTER PROJECTRevenge(Absolutely Kosher)A Dickens quote culled from A Child’s History of England and the note, “All songs made with careful horror and loving attention”...

Claire, clearly

So much still to be found on Lost

Feel the ‘Love

Rosily buzzing U.K. outfit the Big Pink gets it, Carly Simon and all

Sonic Reducer Overage: Holly Miranda, Quasi, SambaDa, and more

March 8, 2010
Rain, rain go away -- and gird your damp loins for more music than we could fit into print.Holly MirandaThe Detroit-bred singer-songwriter sleeps on...