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Take your time

Between the Devil and the Notwist

Please, Hammer, don’t hurt my bluegrass

Hammer time at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 8 means reaching out

An everywoman at war

Erykah Badu lets her 'fro, freak flag, and activist colors fly

Elbow on the table

What kind of universe renders the joys of love as equal parts worry and wonder?

Furries, for real

Venus! lays Gruff Rhys and company bare

Under their black sun

X marks the spot in punk's Cali past and a fantasized future

Hail “Conqueror”

The heavy evangelism of Jesu's Justin Broadrick

Still freestyling at 30

Amid satellite and Net radio, proliferating podcasts, and far too many music-delivery options, KUSF hangs on to its heritage of broadcasting radical sounds to the city

Welcome to my pop nightmare

UK band the Horrors freshen up the Goth aesthetic

Soft machines

With amplified thumb piano and pots and pans in hand, Konono No. 1 prove that good things can happen in Kinshasa

Failure, so thrive

Black metal, free jazz, and improv skronk — these are the things Ettrick are made of

In bed with the Long Winters

Masterfully eloquent longing -- of the drunken rapist kind.

Smile when you say “mockney”

UK ska-pop princess Lily Allen rules the Euro-singles school

Writing wrongs

Billy Bragg keeps the progressive home fires burning and cynicism at bay.

This tune’s for you

Catching up with What Made Milwaukee Famous