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Festival-sized doses of art, food, and technology at Portland’s TBA fest

October 1, 2014
As the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) presented the 12th iteration of the Time-Based Art Festival September 11-21, two newer festivals (Feast Portland and...

“Cat Lady” unites pick-up artists and elastic waistband pants

November 10, 2011
“Women my age are disappearing. My Facebook friends are no longer my friends, their toddlers are my friends.”This sulk comes courtesy of a Kristina...

Portland scene clocked by Time Based Arts Festival

September 20, 2011
Just up the coast, the contemporary art binge that is Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s (PICA) ninth Time Based Art Festival (TBA) bubbled with...


In his new studio, Joe Goode sculpts a new work, The Rambler

Your summer guide to art escapes

May 18, 2011
Living in San Francisco means having the richness of art in a major city, and the natural beauty of California all in one fell...

Homecoming for an accidental choreographer

Barak Marshall returns to California after an eight year-long hiatus

Lemi Ponifasio’s Tempest: Without a Body has a soul

April 15, 2011
Watching Lemi Panafasio/MAU’s Tempest: Without a Body on Thurs/7 amplified the grave feeling I often possess when I read the newspaper. The sense of...

Get some perspective: CounterPulse’s resident artists rearrange a theater

April 1, 2011
People who have never performed in their life can take the stage this week at CounterPulse. While artists-in-residence Kegan Marling and Eric Kupers spent...

NY Export: Opus Jazz — where dancers get to be themselves

March 27, 2011
The empty, Depression-era McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn was, until 2009, a hip venue packed with vibrant twenty-somethings for concerts and summer “pool parties”...

Stories for big kids: Tales hit the stage with Paul Flores, the Living Word Project, Campo Santo, and Word...

March 9, 2011
Stories aren't just for youngsters who read The Very Hungry Caterpillar before bed or tell scary tales around a campfire. The big kids need...

Bay Area dance’s bragging rights

A look at the Izzies -- the 25th Annual Isadora Duncan Dance Awards

What can’t be said

With The Unsayable, Hope Mohr and veterans make dance from the experience of war

The dance of motherhood as … a dance

February 25, 2011
From Amy Chua’s “Tiger Mother” rules to Ayelet Waldman’s “Bad Mother” guilt, the stories about motherhood are not only filling bookshelves and mommy blogs,...

Owning it: Kyle Abraham in fast and slow motion

February 18, 2011
Dance artist and choreographer Kyle Abraham isn’t going on vacation anytime soon and he admits his next day off will be in August. “I...

Possibility: “Gush” presents Joe Goode the curator

February 1, 2011
Audiences can thank Raelle Myrick-Hodges, Artistic Director of Brava Theater, for cutting Joe Goode loose in curating “Gush,” Brava’s first dance theater specific series....