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Tech in schools

SFUSD is slowly but steadily working to bring more technology into the classrooms

New designers show their stuff at this weekend’s Asian Heritage Street Celebration

The annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration and fashion fever may not be automatically associated in the brains of Bay Areans. But then, most Bay Areans...

Girls-only hackerspace teaches critical thinking through crafts

Get out your glue sticks girls, it’s time to get crafty. Turns out, all that glitters really is gold for summer campers who will...

Yuh look good

Guardian photogs capture spring's street style

Food for thought: 18 Reasons’ class series encourages the slow chew

April 19, 2013
Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. The axiom certainly sounds nice rolling off the tongue, but curative qualities...

The new Exploratorium opens — are the piers as good as the Palace?

April 18, 2013
As someone who was practically bottle-fed on the old Exploratorium space, I was hesitant approaching the science museum's opening day at its new home...

CAREERS AND ED: Top 10 careers

Your best bets for making money and getting a job

Can’t stop fashion: Style, as always, at Oakland’s First Friday

We're stoked on next week's Oakland First Fridays, where the style is weird, wild, and exactly what you would expect to see any time Bay...

Light-up wonders, deep sea explorers, jelly apps: Marine biology at the Bone Room

February 26, 2013
You don't have to travel far to enter foreign waters. Just a few miles off San Francisco shores lies a world more alien to...

Pressure, two ways: Academy of Art and Project Runway at NY Fashion Week

February 20, 2013
While hyperbolic coverage of what many news pundits called the ‘storm of the year’ raged across the Tri-State area, Manhattan’s would-be-mammoth blizzard arrived in...

Is your cat the Devil? Learn its historical precedence at demonic kitty lecture

February 7, 2013
Has your cat spit fire recently? Exhibited fluency in multiple languages simultaneously? Levitated? Flown? If so, your furry feline may be experiencing the troublesome...

Here’s the deal

Get your 2013 going with discounts on spa treatments, yoga classes, trims, and more

Bloombastic: It’s magnolia season at the SF Botanical Garden

January 22, 2013
As we speak there are budding booms in Golden Gate Park that will have even the greenest of thumbs tickled pink. Yes, it is...