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San Francisco to provide right to counsel for tenants facing eviction

OPINION San Francisco is the second most unequal city in the nation. Working and middle-income people and families are being forced to flee the...

Opinion: Let reporters into prisons

September 17, 2012
As a young public defender, I represented an innocent man who was convicted ofmurder.John Tennison was serving a sentence of 25 years to life...

Why I’m pushing pension reform

"In the next 12 months, pension costs are projected to increase by nearly $100 million more than last year."

Prop. B will save healthcare

Even with contributions required by Prop. B, city employees will receive a benefit package that is unparalleled in the private sector

Progressives should care about pension reform

It's tricky to raise pension contributions for "new employees" since Mayor Gavin Newsom has been firing people then rehiring them at lower pay

San Francisco’s undocumented children

Our reunification policy was legally justified, fair to youth and their families, and cost-effective