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Back to Oakland?

September 30, 2008
In what could be his first move toward the mayor's seat, Don Perata's political machine is working overtime to elect one of its own to Oakland's City Council

A house divided

SEIU's internal battles could divert critical resources from the fall election

The SEIU strikes back

A conflicted committee nixes an election complaint as tensions grow at SF's big union local

A less perfect union

At a time when organized labor is slipping, SEIU's national leaders are wasting their resources trying to discredit Sal Rosselli

SEIU skullduggery

EXCLUSIVE: Internal emails show top staffers seeking to undermine dissidents in contested union election

Labor’s merger pains

How a small SF union lost its independence -- and can't get it back

Migden sues the FPPC

Trailing in the polls, embattled state senator Carole Migden takes regulators to federal court to save nearly $1 million in campaign funds

The zoo at City Hall

Hearings explore the deadly tiger attack and its ramifications

Politics as cryptography

Thom Hartmann cracks the code of what wins over Americans

41st Anniversary Special: Bilking the links

Public-golf revenue is up millions of dollars. But a costly public-private contract has swallowed most of the money

Bilking the links

Despite efforts to privatize city golf, revenues are actually up millions of dollars. But a costly public-private contract has swallowed most of the money.

Sticking point

Mayor Gavin Newsom has ignored proposals for safe syringe collection

Carbon-neutral madness

The trouble with carbon offsets

The golf club

Privatization plan raises concerns about cronyism and giving away public resources


This is nuts: A bizarre tale of the insanity that is SF's mental health system

Bar wars

SoMa homeowners fight the reopening of a rock 'n' roll gay bar and renew the neighborhood's old NIMBY-versus-nightlife fight

Power play

A multinational development company is putting up big bucks for the Trans Bay Cable, but sustainable power advocates call it "a waste of resources"

As the port turns

Another private development proposal sinks. Piers are falling into the water. Is the Port of SF broken?

The search for Spocko

San Francisco blogger draws corporate and conservative wrath for educating KSFO's advertisers