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SXSW: Postcard from Texas – High on Fire, Motorhead, Municipal Waste

March 15, 2008
High on Fire @ Stubb's High on Fire @ Stubb's High on Fire @ Stubb's High on Fire @ Stubb's

Killing in the dark

Two years later, the death of Asa Sullivan remains a mystery

One day at a time, Bubs

March 9, 2008
Thank you, David Simon. Newspaper journalism couldn't have asked for a clearer voice. But it would have been nice to see Frank Pembleton one...

On shaky ground

Did City College use its foundation to launder public funds for political purposes?

Dems running out of ballots in Texas

March 4, 2008
*UPDATE: It's happening in Ohio, too. Below is a quick post from the Austin American-Statesman. Does the shortage of ballots in some states foreshadow the...

Jealouz cat is ultra jealouz

February 28, 2008
My Icanhascheezburger buttons arrived in the mail today. I ordered 16 of them. Snap. If you're extra nice or leak me documents, I'll give...

Diablo Cody is fucking punk rock

February 26, 2008
She used to write for alt-weekly newspapers. She worked as a stripper. She wrote a well-received memoir. Oh yeah, she won an Oscar, too....

Sharing the Panopticon

Public defenders say they're being barred from accessing surveillance camera footage that could exonerate the innocent

Super lessons

Barack Obama wins San Francisco with a late surge of diverse supporters, but can he prevent the superdelegates from tapping Hillary Clinton?

Chancellor Bling-Bling

City College of San Francisco paid Phil Day a huge salary but refused to fund an auditor who may have stopped the illegal diversion of public funds

Photos from Obama’s party at the Fairmont

February 5, 2008
The crowd here grumbled loudly when CNN announced that Hillary had a substantial lead in California. But the state is far from lost to...

Obama’s party at the Fairmont Hotel

February 5, 2008
Finally settled in at the Fairmont downtown after searching fruitlessly in the beginning for a wireless connection. The most significant thing I've seen so far...

Bill Clinton coaxes voters into windowless van

February 5, 2008
Bill Clinton always excelled at telling stories. Facing a tough question from a somber-looking vet? Tell a story. Bleary-eyed after hitting several California cities...

Money for nothing

Bakery associate received public matching funds but didn't document spending

New College still poorly managed, report says

January 17, 2008
The beleaguered New College of California is facing another gloomy report just released from its accrediting agency after first being placed on probation last...

The great escape

City College chancellor Phil Day is leaving his successor with a mountain of unfinished business

How Oakland’s fearful politicos enabled waste: Part III

Political, racial pressure pays off for the bakery

How Oakland’s fearful politicos enabled waste: Part II

January 11, 2008
E.M. Health attempts to burrow away debt

How Oakland’s fearful politicos enabled waste: Part 1

How the bakery's $1 million vanished. Along with loan from city, pledges to help community disappeared.

Internal investigation of City College complete

January 10, 2008
Remember those stories from Lance Williams at the Chronicle that surfaced awhile back about City College of San Francisco improperly diverting public funds to...

Hugues de la Plaza’s autopsy unveiled

January 10, 2008
San Francisco's Medical Examiner is refusing to rule the gruesome June 2 death of French national Hugues de la Plaza a homicide, releasing an...

Portrait of the artist as an old cop

Why is the city's police union lobbying for the Academy of Art?

New city Web site will end hunger as we know it

January 8, 2008
Gosh, look at that. The city has a brand spankin' new Web site appearing just as the mayor is inaugurated to his second term....