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‘He’s not going anywhere’

Newly available documents expose what happened to a man shot 16 times by SFPD officers two years ago

Money for nothing

Nancy Pelosi is raising millions of dollars, but keeping very little for her own reelection campaign

Newsom reappoints the condo commissioner

August 11, 2008
Sup. Tom Ammiano had a short but pointed list of questions for Michael Antonini during a Rules Committee meeting of the Board of Supervisors...

Charitable cash cow

Private companies make big profits raising money for nonprofits

City bidding out Slaytanic goatherding

August 4, 2008
You might think the Web site of San Francisco's Office of Contract Administration is the wrong place for a reporter to go hunting for...

Dictators and disarmament: This week’s cover

July 24, 2008
Here at the hyper-local Bay Guardian, we don’t get to write about international organized crime all too often, but it’s something we truly enjoy...

Hunting the lord of war

SF-based investigator Kathi Austin helped expose a notorious arms dealer and awaken the world to a key human rights struggle

Weekly comments too good to pass up: “butt-to-nut”

July 18, 2008
Damn, we just can't pass this one up. A commenter over at the SF Weekly's blog posted a message agreeing with Benjamin Wachs that...

Real money, false arrest

Why is the City Attorney's Office aggressively trying to overturn a good police accountability ruling?

Bad grades

Audit supports allegations of problems with bond money at City College

MediaNews lays off toilet paper, pens

June 30, 2008
Denver-based MediaNews Group announced today that it plans to lay off all pens, note pads and toilet paper declaring that the cuts would enable...

The commissioner’s conflicts

Planning Commission member Michael Antonini lands in hot water over ethics rules

Hustlers and peace treaties: This week’s cover

June 19, 2008
“It’s something bout a block boy that push that line, ride for the peace treaty and hustle at the same time, looking out for...

Bust in Western Addition murder

June 19, 2008
San Francisco police just announced that they made an arrest in the March 20 shooting death of Marquise Washington on Turk Street in the...

A heart once nourished

A murder in front of children leaves Ella Hill Hutch Community Center reeling

Treasure Island welcomes vinyl dildos and tankers of lube

June 12, 2008
We honestly thought the Exotic Erotic Ball would be the last event to leave the beleaguered Cow Palace. But sure enough, we've just learned...

Dead men walking to cost shit-tons more

June 11, 2008
It’s one of California’s oldest prisons still in operation if not the oldest. The San Quentin State Prison was first built in July of...

Drug deal hurts consumers

San Francisco sues two pharmaceutical titans, alleging plot to inflate prices

Mark Leno’s party packed

June 3, 2008
Mark Leno's election night party has been a stark contrast to what we saw earlier tonight at Joe Nation's event, which was situated at...

Joe Nation’s election night party

June 3, 2008
We showed up at Joe Nation's election night party in the Marin County town of Greenbrae around eight o'clock. The event's being held at...

Connecticut joins SF in charges against McKesson

May 28, 2008
Reuters is reporting that the state of Connecticut today followed San Francisco's lead in suing the McKesson Corp. over an alleged conspiracy to unfairly...

San Francisco sues massive drug wholesaler

May 20, 2008
Close readers of the Bay Guardian might remember that back in October of 2006, we caught up with a story involving the McKesson Corp.,...

Hippies once defended neighborhood police stations

May 19, 2008
The recent proposal to close half of the city’s police stations isn’t the first time such a thing has been recommended here. A group...

Cop charged with theft appears in court

May 19, 2008
San Francisco police officer Michelle Alvis appeared briefly in court this morning to request from a judge more time for her attorneys to gather...