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The agri-chem industry’s secrets

Say yes to Proposition 37 for the health of our families

Democrats and sex workers

The Proposition 35 endorsement puts sex workers and their families at risk

The cost of the death penalty

A former police officer speaks out against draconian penal code

When the people lead

A unique citizen push to save our waterfront

The City College mission

CCSF is going to pull through -- there's no other option for San Francisco 

Saving City College

The real problem is the state's defunding of public education

Public teacher in a public hospital

An educator's trip to the ER reveals an unpleasant truth about our city's budget

Mayor Lee’s vanishing bike lanes

The mayor's resolution to create better bike lanes was exciting -- until he broke it

Helping the 99 percent — with less

La Raza Centro Legal fights to address the issues raised by Occupy, and it needs support

Hetch Hetchy: Two visions

Public power versus the environment? The debate continues over last week's cover story

You can’t trust Ethics

Prop. F has some serious problems, incvluding allowing the Ethics Comnission to change law at will

is Rec-Park really broke?

Nobody seems to be checking the figures on the department's sad-sweet story

Stopping foreclosure secrecy

Real people are enduring the devastation of foreclosure processes because of the excesses of bankers and investment firms. By Phil Ting and Kevin Stein

Stop the AT&T boxes!

By the League of Pissed Off Voters More than 60 people showed up on the steps of City Hall May 21 to demand that AT&T...

The song of Ghetto Girl

"no diplomatic tactful rage"

A call to do your (jury) duty

The dilemma confounding the court is the lack of qualified applicants

No sweetheart deal for Twitter

Over time, the tax break could cost San Francisco millions of dollars as the city struggles to close a $350 million deficit

The price of mental health cuts

Arizona provides a clarion call to California: cuts to acute mental health services in San Francisco must be reversed.

The cruelest cuts

"Little did I realize that being treated with dignity by our government was no longer in the cards"

Smell something rotten?

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting's P.U.-litzer Awards for worst journalism gaffes

Pass the DREAM Act, now

by Eric Mar and Eric Quezadanews@sfbg.comOPINION Imagine for a moment that you are 14 years old. Your parents, stuck in perpetual poverty and unemployment...

The perils of unaccountable power

The Redevelopment and Treasure Island commissions wield the power of multimillion dollar contracts and the ability to destroy a community near you

Ideas that work: a plan for a new San Francisco

With its own public bank, San Francisco could begin to fund and promote more community-centered forms of economic development

Reinventing San Francisco

We need to make sure development isn't just code for finding new ways to gentrify neighborhoods and displace existing residents