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The next election

EDITORIAL This week's dismal election in San Francisco is a symptom of deeper problems in our political system, both here and across the country....

Join the movement

EDITORIAL San Francisco is headed for a showdown. Those who see the city as primarily a place to make money and who want to...

Lessons of the BART standoff

EDITORIAL BART and its unions reached a tentative deal on new contracts late Monday (10/21) night, the next day restoring service that had been disrupted...

Help us keep raising hell

EDITORIAL The last couple years have been some of the most difficult and precarious in the Guardian's 47 years of printing the news and...

Endorsements 2013

Stop the 8 Washington project! No, no, no on B, no on C, yes on A, re-elect Hererra. Our guide to the Nov. 5 elections

City Hall must address rising rents

EDITORIAL Another flurry of public concern over rising rents in San Francisco — driven by one-bedroom apartments listed for almost $4,000, a well-attended forum...

Challenge Mayor Lee and his lies

EDITORIAL In the long history of San Francisco political corruption caused by Pacific Gas & Electric's willingness to do and spend whatever it takes...

Expand protections for small businesses

Jake Spade controversy shows need for more reforms

Forget the Willie Brown Bay Bridge

EDITORIAL As the California Legislature prepares to wrap up before fall recess, a resolution is working its way through the approval process to rename...

Anti-cyclist bias must stop

EDITORIAL The streets of San Francisco can be dangerous enough for their most vulnerable users — pedestrians and bicyclists — without the aggressive, insensitive,...

Protect local power and control

EDITORIAL There's a growing stench of political corruption — or, at the very least, hidden agendas aimed at subverting popular will in favor of...

The time is now to fix Muni

EDITORIAL San Franciscans love to bash Muni, but this city would be a gridlocked nightmare without it. Despite its many flaws, Muni does a...

Get tough with defiant disrupters

EDITORIAL It may sometimes seem like we at the Bay Guardian don't like the technology industry, but nothing could be further from the truth....

Supporting unions helps all workers

EDITORIAL The San Francisco Bay Area has traditionally been very pro-labor, from the days when legendary longshoreman leader Harry Bridges led the San Francisco...

More ill winds

America's Cup -- or America's flop?

So now what?

The city celebrates equality, but still leaves many behind

The Guardian is dead, long live the Guardian

We want to take this opportunity to start a conversation with our readers in the hopes that our next steps can be constructive and deliberate

Mr. Mayor: Stop supporting tax cheats

Businesses don't write the law books, remember?

A win for the tenants

A compromise that actually improves the current situation and could help slow the wave of speculative evictions

Time to enforce the law

Airbnb owes the city some money -- will we ever collect?

The next board president

No, it's not just a title. Here's our best case scenario, and a word of advice for City Hall

Measuring displacement

It's time for official reports for planned developments that "could lead to significant displacement of existing San Francisco residents."

Economic cleansing, part two

Don't let realtors' cash determine the future of San Francisco

Move on, Mr. Mayor

Ross Mirkarimi's the sheriff, and you have to work with him