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Another BART police tragedy

How many more people have to die before BART gets its act together?

The next board president

Our clear choice for the crucial position is ...

A flawed energy bill

Who's going to control the local electric grid, and thus the city's energy future?

Beyond the bloody cuts

This is no time for modest, cautious proposals. The budget situation is alarming

Making the Transbay Terminal work

Building an adequate terminal for high-speed rail at its present location would cost at least $750 million, money that would be better spent funding the downtown extensio

Stop PG&E’s corporate welfare

The best way to boost the business climate in this recession era is to promote consumer spending

Fueling change

The water board can stop Mirant

Fighting Newsom’s mid-year cuts

The mayor shouldn't be driving the fiscal agenda alone

Clean energy: the next moves

The bottom line is that this battle isn't over

Nix Lennar’s higher profit deal

Changes need to benefit the city, not a private developer

Voting to save the local economy

For many San Franciscans, the recession is already here -- and is deep and painful

Economic stimulus, at home

Put money in the hands of the people most likely to spend it

The big landlords’ blackmail

If these thugs can threaten a popular and essential public works program, then the mayor and the supervisors will forever be vulnerable

An economic locavore policy

San Francisco needs to take a broad approach to the city economy

A planning primer for the supes

Everyone in town ought to be fighting a developer giveaway that brings the city nothing

PG&E’s $107 million lie

Prop. H not only sets aggressive targets for renewable energy; it opens the door for a city-owned and city-operated electrical system

Take Lowe’s off the table

If we've learned anything from the past few years, it's that big-box chains can't be trusted

Getting beyond JROTC

We'd much rather see local kids encouraged to become cops than directed into the military

Pelosi can’t duck the next Bush war

The Speaker has not said she would oppose sending US troops to Georgia

And now, the controller’s big lie

A wildly inaccurate estimate of the cost of the Clean Energy Act

PG&E’s first big lies

It's not too early to start evaluating the campaign rhetoric and exposing the most ridiculous untruths

Going green requires cooperation

As a gesture of cooperation and goodwill, Newsom should come out and support Sup. Chris Daly's latest proposal to close Market Street to automobiles

What the candidates need to tell us

If they want the progressive vote, they'll need to give some clear explanations of where they stand