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Harris, Newsom duck on immigration

Harris and Newsom ought to be defending the Sanctuary Laws, not running away from them

Tear up the budget

Some of the new taxes in Mayor Newsom's no-new-taxes budget

Stop PG&E’s alarming ballot measure

Supporters of CCAs and public power need to rally, now, to start planning to defeat this thing

Dismantling the Newsom budget

The mayor's cheery line may sound good when he's out of town running for governor, but it's not going to play so well on the streets of San Francisco.

Newsom’s tax proposals

He promised to work with labor and the business community on measures for November, but he needs to do much more

Downtown’s missing history

Reject the new condo tower project next to the Transamerica Building

Rewrite the Muni budget

Newsom's foolish attempt to play chicken with the supervisors

Making sunshine work

Fourteen times the task force has asked Ethics for action, and 14 times those cases have been dismissed - with little serious investigation

Arnold’s big hoax

ENDORSEMENTS: Props. 1A-1F would damage public services and lock the state in a fiscal straightjacket -- forever. Vote no

Slow down the solar project

Why is the Obama administration giving tax breaks for private projects that aren't available to cities?

Gavin Newsom’s Earth Day

Newsom has plenty of ideas for Detroit. We'd like to see him focus on San Francisco

What’s Newsom got to offer?

The city's facing a deficit for fiscal 2009-10 of a staggering $438 million - and the mayor wants to keep his plans secret

Saving SF’s human services

Obama specifically stated that the FMAP cash should prevent a loss of services, somehow, Mayor Gavin Newsom doesn't see it that way

Save the Chronicle!

Hearst should not be allowed to turn San Francisco into the first major American city with no major daily newspaper

Newsom’s state secrets

It's difficult, and at times insanely difficult, to get even basic public information out of Newsom's office

Fisher’s Folly threatens the Presidio

Commercialization stands as the legacy of the speaker of the house

Losing the tax argument

Let's think outside of the far-right intellectual swampland

Ma’s JROTC bill needs to die

This simply isn't Sacramento's business

Bad budget ideas

Quick fixes may generate cash for now, but they will lead to serious problems later

So what are Newsom’s budget plans?

The mayor refuses to support any sort of new revenue measures this spring

Don’t privatize cab permits

Why should cab drivers get a special deal from the city?

The challenges for President Chiu

The new supe head needs to show that he's more than a compromise candidate and that he has the ability to lead the board and promote the progressive agenda