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Hurrah! Here's our 40th annual survey of Northern California naked fun in the sun.


From Bonny Doon to Supermoons: our 39th annual survey of Northern California naked fun in the sun

Monterey County

August 22, 2012
   Sand Dollar Beach Rating: C Located off a little-visited portion of Highway 1, San Dollar Beach is about 5-10 minutes south of Lucia,...


Our 38th annual survey of Northern California naked fun in the sun

Rat trap

Cities, activists, and animal lovers push for less toxic ways to control rodents

North Garberville Beach

July 25, 2011
Rating: CJust five miles from Garberville, there's a beach on the south fork of the Eel River that's so secluded some visitors even camp...

Soberanes Creek

July 25, 2011
Rating: COne of the least known skinny-dipping holes in our guide is -- amazingly -- just off Soberanes Canyon Trail, one of Monterey County's...

North Marina

July 25, 2011
Rating: CA series of sand dunes just over the state property line -- about 100 yards north of Marina State Beach, which leaves them...

Nude Beaches Guide 2011

Everything you need to know to drop trou waterside

The Inkwell

July 7, 2010
Rating: CLocated next to Samuel P. Taylor State Park, which was recently saved from closure, the Inkwell is The Bay Area's only creekside skinny-dipping...

Cross Rock Beach

July 7, 2010
Rating: DPebble-covered Cross Rock Beach is so tiny that it sometimes remains underwater until late summer. The beach path is so steep and dangerous...

Naked fun in the sun!

Our 36th annual guide to Bay Area nude beaches

South Whale Beach

January 5, 2010
Rating: CFor naturists, often-deserted South Whale Beach is a dream come true: a spot where you can often be "one with nature" without anyone...

North Whale Beach

January 5, 2010
Rating: CNamed after the rocks offshore that look like the head of a whale, North Whale Beach and South Whale Beach are Tahoe's most...

Secret Harbor Creek Beach

January 5, 2010
Rating: ADo you own a cap or other hat? If so, then you might want to participate in Secret Harbor Creek Beach's 31st annual...

Boaters Beach

January 5, 2010
Rating: BWatercraft users who park on the shoreline of this delightful beach are sometimes astonished to see nudists sprawling on the sand. But the...

Secret Cove

January 5, 2010
Rating: AAlso called Paradise Cove, Secret is one of the "nudest" of the Tahoe clothing-optional beaches. And it's also the one that typically has...

Chimney Cove

January 5, 2010
Rating: COn weekends, Chimney usually draws a crowd of swimsuit-wearing families. "But when other people are not around, it's sometimes used by teens and...

Hidden Beach

January 5, 2010
Rating: BIt may be hidden to passersby on the road above its location, but we'll give you directions to find this beautiful little cove,...

Elsewhere on Trinity River

January 5, 2010
Rating: CAre you adventurous?  Then you'll love this news:  even more clothing-optional spots can be discovered along the riverbank past Willow Creek and the...

Tish Tang

January 5, 2010
Rating: CThe only nude beach in Northern California where you can drive right onto a riverbank, park, get out, and start sunbathing and swimming...

Elsewhere Near Willow Creek

January 5, 2010
Rating: CJust west and east of the town of Willow Creek, cars pulled over in groups along Highway 299 are often signs of skinny-dipping...

Willow Creek Beach

January 5, 2010
Rating: COn warm days, local residents can often be found at a swimming hole with a small riverbank beach just outside the town of...

Big Rock Beach

January 5, 2010
Rating: CAt Big Rock Beach, near Willow Creek, both clad and unclad visitors like to sunbathe on boulders that dot the riverbank, on the...