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Haight Street coffeshop plans to Slay at its upcoming Mission location

September 20, 2012
Stanza Coffee is expanding past its Haight Street, hole-in-the-wall roots and into the competitive SF coffee scene, with a badass, Bay Area exclusive espresso...

Pagoda madness

A native son counters the myths of Chinatown in a new book

Temporarily blunted

Facebook saw fit to block marijuana advocacy ads -- what does this say about public discourse on the Internet?

Portable pollution

The dirty generators powering a rapidly expanding number of mobile food trucks escape the attention of air quality regulators

Oh no they didn’t! Hilarious horror stories at Mortified

August 14, 2012
Why is it that I like myself most when looking back on my years as a college freshman, drunkenly spooning peanut butter into my...

14 excellent establishments for Olympic watching

August 10, 2012
The Olympics might have originated as an an ancient Roman display of physical beauty and premier strength, but this is 2012, the point now...

Let it learn

What's fresh in Bay education, from pot activism 101 to design degrees

If you want my advice

Two career coaches on dream jobs and who's hiring these days

Cell phone radiation documentary screens tomorrow

July 27, 2012
The pre-screening wine bar won't erase the sinister implications of tomorrow's Artist's Television Access showing of Reconnect. On Sat/28, filmmaker Kevin Kunze will show...

6 locally-made treats to snag at Bluxome’s Meet Market

July 27, 2012
Why does a new farmers market make us salivate so here in the city? Something something foodie frenzy, something something voracious next-big-thing-icitis. Fact of...

8 cultural happenings this week in the big, best, beautiful Bay

It is inevitable after reading today's Best of the Bay 2012 issue that your heart will be swole with pride for our beautiful Bay...

Noir to nerds: 8 artsy-cultural happenings you could check out this week

July 17, 2012
Remember the time you lived in one of the most exciting, cultured places in the world? Hold up, that's right now. Check our picks...

7 ways to revive your sunburned brain this week

July 11, 2012
Dead set on frying your brain in this sunshine? Fine. Just hit up one of your city's affordable cultural happenings afterwards and your gray...

9 ways to say oui to Bastille Day

July 10, 2012
Unless the tech kings and queens need to start watching their backs, there's no accounting for the voracity San Francisco consumes all things Bastille...

Bernal Heights pumps up the volume

July 6, 2012
Climb Bernal Hill as a sweaty pedestrian and you just might descend by flying down on a futuristic -- newly charged! -- electric bicycle....

A queerness in Harlem, finely revived

June 27, 2012
Visual alchemy, fabulous feminist story-telling, and something deemed “hyper-literate busking” abound at 2012’s Queer Rebels of the Harlem Renaissance fesitval, three nights of art...

7 spots for mental regeneration this week

June 25, 2012
Pride is over, and we're willing to wager your depleted brain cells could stand for some stimulus. Whether you're into sitting in dimly-lit rooms...

Food trends unite: New Peruvian pop-up on Market Street

June 20, 2012
Could it be that tacutacu is the new taco, and cebiche the new calimari? Places like Mochica, Piqueos, and Destino have us surfing a...