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Heated debate

Bikram hot yoga's campaign for copyright has implication for the Bay Area scene

Down Dog break down

We rate the yogis -- which famous Bay Area yoga teacher is right for you?

Live Shots: The old-timey escapades of the Edwardian Ball

January 24, 2012
The Edwardian Ball, thrown by Rosin Coven and the Vau de Vire Society, never fails to amaze — and absinthe-addled though we were, we managed to...

Toeing the tiara line

Why compete in a beauty pageant? Miss City By the Bay explains

One Hundred Days of Spring: As Mid-Market talks, two organizers do

All photos by Stephen HeraldoJust beyond the scope of the perpetual debate of revitalizing Mid-Market — defined as the stretch from Fifth Street to...

Women and circumcision: Leave me out of it

Here’s the thing about the circumcision debate: Like everything else between men and their foreskins, women want nothing to do with it. A while back, I...

Sing out, sister

BAR CRAWLER: Dashing through choice karaoke dens

Bedbugs and pickpockets: a non-travelers tale

I am a hotel aficionado. I wrote my undergraduate thesis in a New Haven hotel lobby, watching the light fade from pink to orange...

FEAST: 10 contemporary kitchen essentials

All you need to shift your cooking from serviceable to superb

Tibetan monks make Sutter stop on world peace tour

April 21, 2011
Five Tibetan monks from Sera Mahayana Monastery in Southern India crouch on the floor of the Don Soker Gallery on Sutter Street, scraping sand...

Endangered Eagle may still have hope

Last-minute talks could save SF queer institution

The Eagle flies? — property disputes, protests, and the uncertain future of an SF institution

April 13, 2011
The commendation presented this afternoon by Supervisor Jane Kim to The Eagle Tavern recognizing its 30 outstanding years as a “venue, cultural institution, safe...

New school

The Bay's most innovative degrees show the way to the future

Free online learning

How to stream a top-notch university education, tuition-free

The online-learning challenge

Is it about making money or making education free?

Choices, choices at this weekend’s Green Fest

Red, white, or green? You can go for all three, at least at this weekend’s celebration of all things sustainable. Jon Frey’s biodynamic vineyard...

It’s not easy being green

But our green resource guide is here to help

Urban homesteaders forge ahead, despite lack of ®

For years, the Internet has provided a second home to a community of urban farmers diligently tilling their carrots and tapping away on their...

Roller derby: the San Francisco treat

Drizzly March was a slow time for San Fran sports fans -- the last Super Bowl Sunday pig-in-a-blanket put to bed a month before,...

Hot diggity, old school dog training

March 31, 2011
Under the towering eucalyptus trees of Temescal Creek Park, a sturdy wood-planked fence frames a curve in the pavement. Every day, joggers and dog-walkers...

Beyond Fido

PETS ISSUE: SF's most unusual pet owners share their parenting tips

EcoTuesday goes Free Range

March 21, 2011
If you’re one of the 12 million people whose enviro-mind was blown by the online video “The Story of Stuff,” you may have the...

Step-step-shamrock-step: Swing Goth takes a Paddy’s turn

March 21, 2011
Pretty much the only problem with mixing swing dancing and post-punk music – and Swing Goth founder Brian Gardner agrees – is knowing what...

Do the leprechaun swing

March 14, 2011
Does the standard set of St. Patrick’s Day festivities leaving you feeling a little bit like boiled cabbage? We rounded up a shamrock patch...