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Man up

Tough guys rule at "I Wake Up Dreaming 2013" noir film fest

Nordic track

SFIFF offers an all-too-rare opportunity to appreciate Finnish cinema

Able fables

Fairy-tale inspiration done right, in two delightful imports

Rambling man

Terrence Malick's Hollywood revival sours with 'To the Wonder'

Alternative medicine

Got Hollywood fatigue? Seek out 'Starbuck' and 'The Silence'

The Nonconformist

'And God Created Jean-Louis Trintignant' celebrates a legendary career

If you’re nasty

Exotic terrors and fast women abound in the Roxie's latest 'pre-Code' series

Heat of the moment

Local retrospectives spotlight Japan's innovative Art Theater Guild

My campy Valentine

Fall in love with vampires, acid, severed hands, and interplanetary war at the Vortex Room

Smith happens

arts@sfbg.comFILM Every year there's at least one: the adorable-old-coot fest, usually British, that proves harmless and reassuring and lightly tear/laughter producing enough to convince...

Damnation investigation

A new doc goes to hell and back

Nero worship

The original 'Django' rides again at the Castro

The damage done

The versatile Robert Carlyle hits a melancholy note in 'California Solo'

Still the fairest

Heigh-ho to 'Snow White' on her 75th birthday

Harvey’s list

YEAR IN FILM 2012: Dennis Harvey's top narrative films and documentaries

Dirty jokes

'Honk If You're Horny' brings retro porn to the YBCA

Le grand career

A delightful series shines a new spotlight on French comedian Pierre Étaix

A hello to arms

Who, exactly, is the target audience for Red Dawn?

Goth-hmm city

Sean Penn takes a bizarre road trip in 'This Must Be the Place'

Black-belt Sabbath

'Miami Connection' is the greatest movie you've never seen


Revisiting the works of Eurotrash's most determined auteur

Darker than dark

'Not Necessarily Noir III' film fest roars into the Roxie

Dark and stormy

A real-life ex inspires Ira Sachs' wrenching drama 'Keep the Lights On'

Doc ‘Girl Model’ investigates the dark side of the catwalk

September 11, 2012
The recent outcry over a "Team Supermodel" strut showing off British fashion during the Olympics' closing ceremony underlined a dichotomy: as much as people...