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Raiding Long Haul

Police investigating animal rights threats used heavy-handed tactics against a lefty collective

“Getting in on the Ground Floor and Staying There”

A local female comedy duo who combine a powerful sexual magnetism with down-in-the-dirt, clit-tickling humor

The Hot Pink List 2008

The Queer Issue: A lovely mess of queer up-and-comers we adore


All four actors deliver pitch-perfect performances. But guess which one steals the whole Scene?

The Fisher queen

Carrie, solo, in Berkeley Rep's Wishful Drinking

Queen’s density

Julie Queen goes from boldly careless to overly careful in "Ten Dollar Destiny"

What a bash!

Patton Oswalt ain't no annoying hipster douchebag

Shop like a Scrooge

Last-minute shopping strategies for humbugs experiencing a change of heart

Green City: Little prefab boxes

Is this really the next wave of eco-housing?

Feast: 7 locally grown bulk foods

Think about it: every time you take a sip of Bordeaux, a fuzzy baby polar bear loses another drop of its habitat. Importing your...

“Bella” epic

Anna Bella Eema is engaging and magical

Open water

The case for daylighting Islais Creek

Superlist No. 831: Box office steals

Theater shows that cost less than a movie

Careers and Ed: Hard on the job

Getting ahead in the Bay Area's burgeoning adult-content industry

Eleventh-hour Christmas shopping

Getting your gift shopping done between now and Christ's birthday

Goldies Dance winner Sean Dorsey

One look at Sean Dorsey — a debonair dancer with slightly mussed hair and innovative modern dance choreographer — and two words instantly come...


Fast-growing Berkeley biodiesel dispensary seeks new space

Seven up!

A string of lucky charms for Bay Area theater lovers

Learning from leaks

Permaculture courses teach ancient wisdom and environmental action

Bike safety chic

How to hit the pavement in style