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Hookup songs should be the sonic equivalent of a good blowjob — plus, a few tunes you might want to skip

Catching up with The Presidents of the United States of America

August 26, 2014
Though they hit the peak of their fame in the mid-'90s post-grunge era with hits like "Peaches" and "Kitty," the Presidents of the United...

Live Review: The Coup’s provocative ‘Shadowbox’ marred by sound problems

August 19, 2014
The Coup's new multimedia project Shadowbox was at least partially inspired by bandleader/MC Boots Riley's experience walking into a Theater Artaud performance as a...

Boxing lessons

Emerging from the shadows, a new multi-sensory performance from Bay Area hip-hop veterans The Coup

Marc E. Bassy on breaking down musical boxes

August 5, 2014
As a member of 2AM Club and a songwriter for artists like Chris Brown and Sean Kingston, San Francisco-raised Marc Griffin is an experienced...

Tears, beers, and bruises at Slim’s with Andrew Jackson Jihad

July 30, 2014
Andrew Jackson Jihad may be the most important punk band in America, but they sure don't look like it. They're cheerful and (relatively) clean-cut....

Snap sounds

Quick takes on new releases

Why Brian Wilson’s next album will probably be a masterpiece

July 22, 2014
The name "Beach Boys" can refer to either of two bands.  The first is the happy-go-lucky surf rock band that does songs about cars...

Snap sounds

Quick takes on new releases

A hard look at ‘A Hard Day’s Night’

At 50, the Beatles third album demands a critical re-listen

At 50, turning a critical eye on ‘A Hard Day’s Night’

July 15, 2014
More than any other Beatles album, A Hard Day's Night — which turns 50 this week — embodies the cliches surrounding the band. The...

Mac DeMarco underwhelms at Amoeba — until he busts out the covers

July 10, 2014
Mac DeMarco has one of the most charismatic, clearly defined personas of anyone in indie rock. He chain-smokes, cross-dresses, makes out with interviewers, and...

Live Shots: Burger Boogaloo 2014, Take #1

July 8, 2014
About 30 minutes into this year's Burger Boogaloo, I noticed a guy walking around in a Tool shirt. Ten minutes later, I saw another...

Push the Feeling party organizers launch Push the Feeling, the record label

July 3, 2014
If you've ever walked out of a dance party wishing you could take the party home with you, Push The Feeling has a solution...

A farewell to Death Grips: The Sacramento hip-hop group’s most memorable moments

July 3, 2014
"We are now at our best and so Death Grips is over," announced a napkin posted to Death Grips' Facebook page yesterday afternoon.  The...

Future, the Auto-Tune rapper du jour, had a very lazy night at the Regency

July 2, 2014
Future, America's Auto-Tune rapper du jour, is in a cushy position. His recent album Honest is one of the year's most critically acclaimed rap...

‘Purple Rain’ at 30

June 26, 2014
Just over a year ago, Adam Tod Brown wrote a great article for Cracked called "4 Classic Albums That Get More Praise Than They...

Your latest SF gentrification soundtrack: Cold Beat, Thee Oh Sees, Violent Change, and more

June 25, 2014
Is San Francisco doomed?  The legendary SF punk band Crime said so 35 years ago on their album San Francisco's Doomed. Yet with tech...

Summer spins

Quick-takes on new releases

Snap Sounds: Lone

June 18, 2014
LONEREALITY TESTING(R&S RECORDS)Matt "Lone" Cutler's heart belongs to hip hop.  It's easy to forget this given how the British producer only started to attract critical...