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Mood music

Baths brings Houses along on his 'Obsidian' victory lap

Don’t hold your breath

Johnny Marr sidesteps Smiths reunion rumors with solo debut, 'The Messenger'

Freeing Frank Ocean

On the verge of a sold-out tour, the R&B star reveals himself

California love

Best Coast sheds more fuzz, remains enamored of home state

Frankie Rose’s brief, enthralling Brick and Mortar stop

April 26, 2012
In case you hadn't noticed, Frankie Rose's got the Internet goin' nutz. The 33 year-old has served time in two super buzzy groups of...

Bike lightly

Build your own bamboo steed in this new Tenderloin shop

The ones you love

Nothing but ramen for 47 days to see Morrissey live

Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard talks emotional lyrics, covers, and 80s pop

October 15, 2010
Hot Chip's Joe Goddard has had one helluva year. He and his bandmates released their highly-anticipated LP One Life Stand in February and took...

Wise “Blood”

Yeasayer says no to predictability on its sophomore album

The Kajagoogoo of Jacques Attali

Or: Hard Times, meet your old friend, Great Music


The emotional landscape of its new release includes hope as well as despair

The Funeral Party

A new crew of whippersnappers has decided to boil up some East Coast/West Coast beef

3 Inches of Blood

One of the undisputed leaders of power metal's shocking renaissance

Dengue Fever

A compelling mixture of surf, psychedelia, and indie rock with Cambodian roots

These Arms Are Snakes

Melodic, edgy post-hardcore

Bad boys reformed … and together

Oasis and Ryan Adams and the Cardinal

Holiday Guide 2008: The game room

Fantastic new releases for computers and consoles

Everyday people

The Bay's hip-hop supergroup, the Mighty Underdogs, generation science fiction -- and full-tilt reality

Kowloon Walled City

Sounds like metal, looks like metal ...

Speed Reading

Chuck Klosterman's Night Owl wakes up sleepyville

Heavy Heavy Low Low

Uncompromising, spastic metalcore gets deep and varied

David Banner

Like the protagonist of The Incredible Hulk, the MC is a man of contrasts