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“All our families are f-ed up:” Director David Dobkin on his Duvall vs. Downey drama ‘The Judge’

October 8, 2014
With dysfunctional family tale-meets-courtroom drama The Judge (out Fri/10), director David Dobkin is no longer simply "the guy who directed The Wedding Crashers (2005)"...

Go for Goth

'The Guest' filmmakers talk Carpenter, moody music, and finding the humor in horror

You better recognize

Under-the-radar artists (and a misunderstood legend) get their due in Mill Valley Film Fest doc

Keys of life

Jimi Hendrix and Nick Cave feature in two very different movies

Waltz work

Tarantino's muse can't save Terry Gilliam's 'The Zero Theorem'

A broad abroad

Kristin Newman on her hilarious travel memoir 'What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding'

Falling apart together

Siblings mend their broken relationship — if not their broken lives — in dramedy 'The Skeleton Twins'

High fly

A baseball legend comes to life in 'No No: A Dockumentary'

Hot tickets

FALL ARTS 2014 Film season unspools at a theater (or a park or museum) near you


Aubrey Plaza slays in 'Life After Beth'

Beyond the force

'Alec Guinness at 100' presents epics, capers, and delightful deceptions — but no mind tricks

Rise up singing

'Alive Inside' charts one man's quest to bring music to patients with memory loss

Shots fired

A PFA series brings World War I films into focus

What she sees

Truth, tears, and staple-gun battles: SFJFF's female-centric films

The Rock gets mythological, ScarJo turns scary-smart, Woody’s tepid latest, PSH’s final role, and more: new movies!

In case you missed the cover of this week's paper, the 34th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival kicked off last night and runs through...

What she sees

Truth, tears, and staple-gun battles: San Francisco Jewish Film Festival's female-centric films

Purr-suit of happiness: SF SPCA aims to save more lives with its new adoption center

July 17, 2014
Last year, the SF SPCA assisted with 5,084 cat and dog adoptions. With its new adoption center near Bryant and 16th Streets, which opened...

Moving pictures

Cinematic journeys with the Matatu Film Festival

Lost and found

A man with a dream (and 3,000 films) powers the Berkeley Underground Film Society

Key of twee

'Once' filmmaker returns with lightweight music-biz fantasy 'Begin Again'

A great week for (indie) sci-fi and docs: new movies!

This week, Frameline continues (our coverage here!), plus offbeat sci-fi winners Coherence and Snowpiercer are well worth seeking out ... especially if you're not...

Heavy metal time machine: “Dio: Live in London, Hammersmith Apollo 1993”

June 26, 2014
December 12, 1993: Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Whitney Houston were owning the American airwaves, but over in London's Hammersmith Apollo, a different soaring...

Vortex room

Sci-fi puzzler 'Coherence' raises the bar for high-concept, low-budget filmmaking

Save Lost Weekend Video! An update on the Valencia Street stalwart’s struggle for survival

June 23, 2014
Dateline: San Francisco. Distressing news, via Facebook, on the "all the cool shit is in danger" front, with a post late Fri/20 by Valencia...