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Last stand at the Bulb

With Albany looking to clear a bayshore homeless encampment, residents brace for a conflict

Albany Bulb squatters lose in court and turn to direct action to resist evictions

November 19, 2013
Yesterday marked a big day for Albany Bulb residents. The Bulb, a closed landfill turned homeless encampment, has been under the threat of eviction...

Battle of the Bulb

Eviction day nears for the homeless inhabitants of a colorful stretch of shoreline in Albany that nature lovers want cleared

Vote your vote away

Sup. Wiener seeks authority for the board to change or repeal voter-approved measures

Activists speak out at Chevron’s shareholder meeting

May 26, 2011
Police and security guards were out in full force in San Ramon yesterday, (Wed/25) where activists and shareholders of Chevron’s valuable stock converged at...

Chevron’s critics gather before annual shareholder meeting

May 24, 2011
Chevron destroys everything, except profits. And by everything, we mean everything. The Amazon rainforest and its indigenous communities? Check. The Boreal Forest in northern...

Supervisors and activists decry businesses that deny wages to low-income workers

May 13, 2011
For one of this country's first government hearings regarding wage theft yesterday (Thurs/12), San Francisco activists, public employees, and politicians alike were determined to...

Kids on bikes

San Francisco is seeing increased cycling ridership, yet children are being largely left behind

Anti nuclear movement gears up

April 14, 2011
  The ongoing battle to stop Pacific Gas and Electric Co. from renewing its license to operate the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant continued April...

Board delays Yellow Pages vote

March 30, 2011
In an attempt to assuage big business interests, the Board of Supervisors decided yesterday (Tues/29) to delay the vote on an ordinance regulating the...

Business groups defend unsolicited Yellow Pages distribution

March 11, 2011
A smorgasbord of groups including the SF Chamber of Commerce, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and LGBT publishers announced their opposition to the...

A jaundiced proposal

Environmentalism in mind, Chiu proposes a ban on unsolicited Yellow Pages

Political activists still oppose Chiu’s handbill regulation

February 14, 2011
Progressive political activists and First Amendment advocates continue to have concerns about how Sup. David Chiu's legislation to regulate handbill distribution will affect low-budget...

Hyatt targeted as labor impasse drags on

February 11, 2011
Hundreds of Hyatt hotel workers and supporters represented by the UniteHere Local 2 union continued their 18-month long struggle against the Hyatt Corporation yesterday...

Enter the void

KUSF is sold out from under its volunteers, and local communities are left reeling