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The real CPMC story

Unsung heroes and how it all went down

Guardian Voices: There’s something happening here

July 20, 2012
There are distinct signs of the rebirth of a grassroots  balanced-growth  movement in San Francisco, and some small indication that it’s even beginning to...

Guardian Voices: The case against RCV

July 13, 2012
“The Cure for the Ills of Democracy is More Democracy”                                 -- old Progressive Party sloganMy friends here at the Guardian have elevated support...

Guardian Voices: Stop and Frisk didn’t work last time

Mayor Lee’s musings before the Chronicle editorial board, in which he revealed his thoughts about instituting a “stop and frisk” policy in San Francisco,...

Guardian voices: The labor agreement that changed SF

June 29, 2012
This year marks the 53rd anniversary of the beginnings of  negotiations between the International Longshoreman’s and Warehouseman’s Union and the Pacific Maritime Association over...

Guardian voices: The zombie condo converters

June 15, 2012
What is the shelf life of  a really bad public policy concerning housing in  San Francisco?When it comes to condo conversions of existing rent...

Sutter’s CPMC deal isn’t healthy

At 10am on Friday, June 15, at the main chambers of the Board of Supervisors, the first of a series of public hearings will...

Guest opinion: It’s not about Mirkarimi, it’s about us

April 5, 2012
Virtually unmentioned in the torrent of words that have flowed over the Ross Mirkarimi false imprisonment, suspension and pending vote to determine...

Lessons from 2011 for 2012

November 14, 2011
With the release of precinct results for the 2011 election, we are able to actually see, for the first time, what San Francisco voters...

SF’s redevelopment miracle

Since 1990, the Redevelopment Agency has become the major funder of affordable housing in San Francisco, pouring more than $500 million into low-cost housing

RENE CAZENAVE, 1941-2010

A special genius in raising funds for the creation of a community controlled infrastructure, empowering residents of low-income neighborhoods

A new New Deal for San Francisco

San Francisco is no longer the employment center of the Bay Area, but the high-end bedroom of a commuting workforce based outside the city

Newsom’s problem with affordable housing

The fact that Newsom has paid no political price for his continuous opposition is stunning

Eugene Prince Coleman, 1937–2007

Ma advocate was a friend to us all

The truth about housing money

Care Not Cash was supposed to pay for itself

The risk of honest planning

OPINION At the Nov. 1 meeting of the land use committee of the Board of Supervisors, a seemingly straightforward statement of policy will be...