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Pageant play

An interview with the newly crowned Ms. International Leather 2013 — and the week's sexiest events

On the Cheap listings

Submit items for the listings at listings@sfbg.com. For further information on how to submit items for listings, see Picks.WEDNESDAY 24LGBT Career Fair SF LGBT...

Beloved Shirts reads your mind, puts it on a sweatshirt

April 23, 2013
I should be pissed that Provo, Utah's Beloved Shirts company has raided my Internet search records, but I'll focus on just being happy that...

420 trip(tych)

Scenes from Dolores Park, Snoop Dogg, and Denver's Cannabis Cup


Male strippers to Ms. Leather: Your week in sex events

Goats, unicorns, Snoop Dogg: What to do in SF for 4/20 2013

April 16, 2013
Hey stoner stereotypes, see ya at Hippie Hill! I jk -- you can do way better on International Stoner Day this year in the...

Internet cats, in their own words: Colonel Meow

April 11, 2013
I got -- and am continuing to get -- in quite a few conversations with loved ones and people I get stuck chatting with...

John Waters would love tonight’s Que(e)ry party — and more, from your week in sexy events

April 10, 2013
We've all seen the John Waters quote: “If you go home with somebody, and they don't have books, don't fuck 'em!” Baltimore's favorite trashy son,...

Main Street’s sex club: Eros celebrates 21 years in business

April 10, 2013
A few things that you may not know about Eros, the 21-year old sex club with the unassuming, rainbow-flagged façade that stands across the...

Internet cats, in their own words: Luna the Fashion Kitty

April 10, 2013
While writing this week's Pets Issue cover story on world domination by Internet-famous cat magnates -- or the "Cat Pack," as they will forever...

New forms

Мишка comes to town, Retrofit Republic finds fashion in reuse

The Cat Pack

Quirky felines have gone past viral status to become legitimate celebrities. Now how will they use their fame?

Kink.com beloved in Pope land! Local porn site among top downloaded in Vatican City [UPDATED]

April 9, 2013
A local anti-BDSM porn activist emailed me tidings of Flash magazine's Guatanamo-themed Coachella party this morning as proof that "Kink.com' s influence is spreading, albeit...

Hunky Jesus resurrected! Contest moves inside to DNA

A cloud of gloom settled over San Francisco's cloisters when the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence's annual Hunky Jesus contest was rained out on Easter...

Is NFL’s gay day on the way?

Well this would be really exciting. Buried in a kinda-bummer, kinda-not-that-relevan-to-our-situation Baltimore Sun article about Baltimore Ravens linebacker and loudmouth straight ally to the...

The truth conquers all

Will a 25-foot buffer zone keep anti-abortion protesters from freaking out Planned Parenthood patients? 

Standing on streetcorners naked, and this week’s sexy events

April 3, 2013
Memories of a taxi driver desperately trying to flag Courtney Trouble into his cab popped up unexpectedly today upon hearing the BBW queer pornographer...

CAREERS AND ED: She’s got it

Browntourage builds a new network for the Bay's young, hot, and conscious

CAREERS AND ED: Learn to eat

5 classes that teach you to fork and swallow the right way

CAREERS AND ED: Bend over, boardroom

Beatrice Stonebanks wants to teach you how to be a corporate dominatrix

Boooooooooooks: 2 spots to buy ’em cheap

Since you might be having a hard time finding the funds for your 1. your ticket to Phu Quoc and 2. the Opening Ceremony-Spring...

He will rise again: Hunky Jesus contest rescheduled

Soggy hordes of Dolores Park revelers were caught, mid-day-drunk, when unseemly amounts of rain stopped the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence's famed Hunky Jesus contest...

Hot sexy events: Nerd boobs, Bill Gates’ condom quest, and the Sheagle = landed

March 27, 2013
Hey, dudes who don't like condoms, has Bill Gates got your back or what? During the same month that the Pope Emeritus reincarnates as...

Hospitable pectorals

Hire the Bare Bachelors for PG-13 shock value and tasty cocktails