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So many summertime festivals

Small town salsa, enviro-docs, artisan Jello shots, fun punk: warm weather celebrations abound in 2013. Here's our list

No need to drop names: Freak City is the Internet’s IRL cultural center

STREET SEEN I like LA because outfits don't have to be as functional. In San Francisco, you're always worrying about whether you'll flash someone...

Internet cats, in their own words: Henri le Chat Noir

As exhaustive and definitive as our cover story on the break-out fame of the Internet's Cat Pack was last month, still the masses clamored...

To twerk at the symphony: Tipping on the tightrope with Janelle Monae

May 17, 2013
There was a moment at Janelle Monae's show at the SF Symphony last night when it looked as if the diorama of world-class musicians...

Googlass: Gatecrashing Google I/O

It would be foolish to turn down the offer of cost-free Billy Idol on a Wednesday night, but I could have remembered that I...

Woods for you: Best redwood parks for family times, wowwing out-of-towners, quiet reflection

You have no reason not to explore California's freakishly gorgeous lands now. The treehuggers over at the Redwoods League (who have purchased more than...

Small Business Awards 2013: Shameless Photography

You chose body-positive boudoir shots for this year's Reader's Choice Award

Small Business Awards 2013: Babette

A commitment to homegrown style won this year's Local Manufacturing Award

Small Business Awards 2013: La Victoria Bakery

An uncanny ability to move with the times earned our Legacy Award for this Mission stalwart

Small Business Awards 2013: Mothership HackerMoms

Our Women in Business Award recipients make space for working mommas

No justice, no piece

This weekend's Sex Worker Film and Arts Fest whores itself for social change

4 reasons that spending $150 on Janelle Monae tickets is not 100 percent ridiculous

May 14, 2013
1. Her Thu/16 show is at the symphony It is! The show is at Davies Symphony Hall and features actual symphony musicians playing actual orchestral...

Pick-up bball legends tell the tale of the game outside

We're talking about basketball, NYC pick-up announcer legend Bobbitio "Kool Bob Love" and I, but our conversation is hardly hinging on the Warriors-Spurs match-up...

Sandra Bernhard thinks I’m groovy (feeling’s mutual) [UPDATED]

Raise your hand if performance comedy stylist Sandra Bernhard is an ever-present entity in your cultural firmament. Is she the voice of your internal...

Hot sexy events: Aliens, etc.

May 10, 2013
You will have to excuse the few weeks that your sexy events column has taken off -- our Day-Glo phalanges have been so atwitter...

Dirty dialect in a small town: A trip to the Boonville Beer Fest

I thought that the booming voice yelling across the backyard of Anderson Valley Brewing Company, hosts of the vaunted Boonville Beer Festival, would be...

Unidentified filthy objects

Beyond humanoid, a universe of nasty awaits

Walls of the Internet

From back alleys to Facebook walls: the street art-tech connection is heating up -- and changing SF's street scene

Calling all Latino photogs: Accion Latina wants your work on a wall

Somehow in the shiny blitz of new restaurants made out of stainless steel, you may have missed the arrival of the Eric Quezada Center...

So SoMa

Crave's locally made, high design vibrators-data sticks. Plus, the week in sex events

Special occasion eviction

In the face of eviction, will Mission favorite Latin Bridal continue to grant quinceañera dreams?

1AM Gallery’s street art app debuts

April 25, 2013
I keep my iPhone slow with all the street art shots I forever shoot and store with it. Where will these photos go, this...

Every night is teen night

YBCA Young Artists at Work inspire — and are probably smarter than you

Red-eyed trends: 420 fashion at Dolores Park

April 23, 2013
For the really sloppy, you had to go to Hippie Hill. All in all, Dolores Park last Saturday looked pretty much the same as...