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Why people get mad at the media, part 4, will guerrilla email help?

August 10, 2006
It looks to me as if there isn’t anybody from Business Week /McGraw Hill that will be graduating from the Rock Rapids College of...

Why people get mad at the media, part 3, The case of “grungy offices” and “grungy journalism”

August 9, 2006
Following up my attempts to my attempt to get a full correction from Business Week/McGraw Hill: I finally got a call yesterday (Tuesday) from Jessi...

Help, BizWeek, Help!!! Why the public gets mad at the media, part 2

August 7, 2006
Below is a letter I have just emailed to the only email address I could find in the Aug. l4th Business Week of Business...

Why people get mad at the media, part l

August 4, 2006
We have a tenant on the third floor of our Guardian building at l35 Mississippi St, at the bottom of Potrero Hill in...

Whew! What a Best of Party last night!

August 3, 2006
What a splendid Best of Party last night at Club Six down in the inner Mission in San Francisco. Almost all of this...

More on the Case of the Uncovered Bay Area Newspaper Monopoly

August 2, 2006
1. It was good to see today’s Chronicle run a big front page, above the fold story on a 24-year-old freelance cameraman (Josh Wolfe) upholding...

The press censors the press

August 1, 2006
Well, well. Today’s Chronicle/Hearst had some big stories on its front page, including a story by its City Hall reporter headed “SF...

Stop the presses

July 31, 2006
July 31, 2006 Here are the developments following my “monopolies are forever” blog of last Friday: 1. Today, Monday, July 31, The Department of Justice...

Another Potrero Hill journalist

July 31, 2006
Bob Rezak, a journalist for many years and a Potrero Hill native, chimes in with this tale: Your item on the 13 year old publisher...

Monopolies are forever

July 28, 2006
July 28, 2006 By Bruce B. Brugmann (henceforth to be known as B3 in this Bruce blog) Earlier this week I dropped by Christopher’s Books on Potrero...

Talk to me, dammit

July 10, 2006
Welcome to the Bruce Blog, where editor and publisher Bruce B. Brugmann (B3) will be giving you his thoughts on everything from his home...

Saluting small business

Small business in Rock Rapids, Iowa and San Francisco, 1902 to 2006