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Mothership connections

THE DRUG ISSUE: George Clinton has used, not abused, drugs

Big Rich

"The only San Francisco rapper that still has a residence in the neighborhood where they grew up"

Victory lap

You can call it a comeback — Oakland female duo Conscious Daughters ride again

Barf manifesto

The Year in Music 2008: Pop ate and re-ate itself, then regressed and regurgitated

Hustle in hard times

Pinging the Bay Area rap business, version .08

Noise Pop: Running with Wale

Rightly dubbed "the ambassador of rap for the capital"

The return of the return of the DJ

Ex-X-ecutioners form Ill Insanity and begin their crusade for the next DJ renaissance

Where is home?

Danny Hoch brings his new Brooklyn tale to the Bay

Year in Music: iFunk?

Obsessions aren't always bad

Graf legend

SPIE remembers DREAM and the golden age of SF street art

Show us the money

Rap ruled at the Bay Area's Showtime at the Apollo auditions

On the download: Plan B

Who Needs Action When You Got Words

Going mobile

Funky Riddm Records survives the merciless music industry by taking it to the Berkeley streets

Get in the Vans

The Pack are young, gifted, and black -- and have a hook on the "punk rock shoe"