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At the Drive-In

Todd Chandler and Jeff Stark bring a postapocalyptic cinema to the 01SJ Biennial

The elephant in the shroom

THE DRUG ISSUE: It's time to start being realistic about magic mushrooms

On location

The Photo Issue: Humans become afterthoughts in three photo-oriented exhibitions

“2012: Super-Bato Saves the World”

Fully-functional, gaudy, lusty, but also mystically calm slot machines in the style of souped-up Camaros

Arcane and able

Black Moth Super Rainbow, the Muzoracle, and Facebook's neo-psych future

Jimmy Sweetwater Presents

San Franciscans sometimes seem fonder and more aware of what the Bay Area attracts than of what it produces

“Julie Blackmon: Domestic Vacations”

The boring and the uninteresting are different concepts

“Fabliaux: Tom Marioni Fairy Tales”

The exhibition summons noisy spirits and stands up to multiple listening sessions

Shock and awe

Aurobora Press and the end of an era

Lawrence Ferlinghetti and City Lights Books

GOLDIES 2008 Lifetime Achievement winner: Anything but a vanity press

Freeze! You’re … just browsing

Jack Hanley Gallery stakes a spot within the spectacle of the Frieze Art Fair in London

Vacancy and claustrophobia

German artist Matthias Hoch explores modern European cities in "New Work"


Actual art at the "Orienting Istanbul" conference includes video works curated by Hou Hanru

“Miju: Effigies and Demigods”

How did you fit so many big paintings in such a small gallery?

“Summer Reading”

Visual art inspired by literary classics


Ana Teresa Fernández confronts the manual in "Tela Araña Tela"

Book ’em

Bay Area Now: Outside the white box with Michael Swaine

Flight or write

Sense and sensitivity in Horacio Castellanos Moya's Senselessness

“Punball: Only One Earth”

William T. Wiley's anti-genre-fication catalog reaches a grinning pinnacle

Power everywhere and nowhere

"After the Revolution: Contemporary Photography from Tehran and California"

“Broken Promised Land”

Shai Kremer's subtle treatment of Israel's disfigured landscapes

“Fox in the Mirror”

Eerie vignettes and a dance of sex and sadness

Found objects

Liliana Porter's "Fox in the Mirror"