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Homeless disconnect

Ticketing the homeless wastes millions of taxpayer dollars

Small Town Living

September 1, 2006
by Amanda Witherell I just returned from ten days on an idyllic island in downeast Maine. For the seaside hamlet from whence I hail, it's...

Wal-Mart for President!

by Amanda Witherell This week Wal-Mart cranked up the PR knob with a new bout of ads touting the company's social worth with the gloss...

Halloween Not a Friendly Ghost

August 3, 2006
by Amanda Witherell amanda@sfbg.com At the Guardian's Best of the Bay party last night, we caught up with city officials fresh from a meeting on what...


Document battle frustrates the mayor's flacks and galvanizes a new breed of activist

First booze, now cops

North Beach Jazz Fest organizers fought through the party poopers, only to be confronted by the cops with a new challenge: a steep increase in police fees.

What booze ban?

After an alcohol crackdown in North Beach, the city commission is back to facilitating the fun

Habitat Potential

July 25, 2006
The biggest deterrent for the east-west migratory subset of species homo sapiens is a lack of niche habitat in San Francisco. While a unique...

A tale of two museums

The Presidio Trust's choice between the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center and the Disney Museum speaks volumes about what's happening in San Francisco's national park

Presidio bust

City officials and residents push the Presidio Trust to pay attention to more than just the bottom line

Party on

Mayor's Office steps in to ease the booze ban for North Beach festivals

Ma’s moneybags

Burton-funded independent expenditures launch late hit pieces on Reilly

Whole paycheck

Plans for upscale supermarket worry Haight Ashbury residents

Another round

New events coalition raises a ruckus after a second North Beach festival is denied a permit to sell booze

Last call?

City commission pushes booze ban at North Beach festivals, raising concerns about an antifun crackdown at the start of the street fair season